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Well I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and the bride is a bridezilla.
I’m surprised nobody has not strangled her yet. I will point out that this person is a
self-centered one-upper who lacks empathy/sympathy towards others ( even though she is not a bad person and has no malicious intents, she is just not aware what she is doing to others), so when I heard she was getting married, I kinda knew she was going to turn into a bridezilla.
My friend was gonna be her bridesmaid but after several stupid incidents
she said f*ck it and stepped down.
The bride had to look for a new bridesmaid a week before the wedding.
I’ll tell you how the wedding went if you are interested, hahaha.

To be honest I don’t care about the wedding anymore.
I’m just gonna try to look good in my new kimono and enjoy the food.


Unfortunately one of the worst bridezilla stories was my own sister. I can´t believe she is my sister. I love her. But we are just so different. My brother is no different than my sister. My sister got married a couple of years ago and long story short she made so much fuss eventhough her wedding was perfectly big and fancy. My brother is getting married this year and he is also making a fuss. I love my siblings, I love my family. But I don´t fancy a fancy big party. The people in my family love making big parties. I am the only one who hates it because it is pointless as the people who come are mostly phoney and that kind of party has NO SOUL and the people who come mostly are phoney. Both my sister and brother don´t understand me. They didn´t understand why I didn´t make a big party on my wedding day, they actually think that I am the weirdo in the family. But they don´t understand that I only like true people. I preferred only very close friends came to my wedding and I even told them they only should come if they really wanted to.


Seems fiverr is telling all the single sellers and buyers out here on fiverr that it is the right time to get marry …Hope meet you soon my beautiful soulmate …so together we can create a beautiful wedding story…