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If i discover bug in fiverr it will reward me? and how i can contact them about this


If you scroll down on any page on the fiverr site (on, not, you’ll find, among other useful links, a link to Customer Support in the footer. You can open a ticket - there’s a dropdown menu with Report a Bug among the choices.

I can´t answer your first question, but you can surely ask Customer Service about it,
you could also search this forum category for ‘bounty’,
there´s a magnifying glass/search box top right,
then you should find a thread in which the same was asked a while ago and got some replies, maybe that will help.


Your reward will probably be…

A canned response!


thanks for your informations


Thanks for your interaction


Are you a bounty hunter? Far warning: you will not get riches on this site.


Fiverr Forum will never declare any vacancy at forum for testing designation…You can share here if you find any bug and your reward will be the comments and likes at your post…