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sent custom offer to customer, customer tried to order it took them to my profile page.

customer failed to order

i sent custom order again , the order worked but i did not receive no order notification i had to manually go to sales page and check and then press nudge twice then the timer showed up and started to tick.

customer replied later she cannot se any order in her page then after few refresh page she can se something is wrong.

Urget help need

I am totally fed up… please help me, I answers the message and chat in active gig 100 times but every time I refresh my browser it will change to it’s previous situations.


  1. clear all cache
  2. if it’s not worked deactivate all browser plugins.(and be sure you using updated browser )
  3. stil having the problem? change the browser (if you using chrome move to firefox)
    still if you still having same issue contact support :slight_smile:


@wp_kid Read the linked threads, it’s an issue that everyone is facing right now. 1. 2. and 3. won’t help in this case, Fiverr has to fix it on their end.


about last 5/6 hour having relax time and didn’t need to use chat much so not awere this problem :slight_smile: and I thought it’s an old issue that I have faced other time, :slight_smile:
Thanks for notifying this :wink:


same here i also cant send msgs to my clients whats the issue and why this is happening can any body guide ???