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Fiverr Bug or They need to update this feature

As we know Fiverr is evaluating each profile on 15th of the Month.

Whenever Buyer is not responding and we ask them again and again for details for the gig to complete the order but still no luck.
So the order will be cancel after 3 days as we will ask for cancellation and mentioned reason there that the buyer is not responding.

So In that case, there is no fault on seller side.
Still our completion ratio decrease once the order is cancelled.

This feature is not safe for Sellers. This technique can be used to decrease reputation of our other competitors here on Fiverr.
So Please Fiverr Technical Team and Support Team, please fix this issue.

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Hi lancers!

I agree. They should do something about it. It should not effect our analytics.

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That’s indeed a very very good point, that’s what am afraid of too…


I am already loss my Top Rated Badge and got Level 2 because of this.
And may be this Month from Level 2 to Level 1.

So everyone take this serious.

A lot of us had complain about paying for buyer fault. And suggest Fiverr that to add a " accept order feature" But over the years, seem like no hope…
Most of the times, Fiverr favor buyers more than sellers here