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Fiverr BUGGY all day - Buyer's experience? What if - Bad review?

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Anyways. Fiverr is lagging, so my question is - what if the BUYER leaves a BAD REVIEW because of this? I am unable to respond to messages in my Inbox. I get notifications about things that I marked 10 times as read and the BIGGEST PROBLEM is that I delivered an order and it recognized the delivery but no delivery message appeared. I then redelivered the order and the same thing happened. Now, three hours after my attempts to deliver the order the “Delivery” messages that I sent to the buyer appeared, but both me and the buyer cannot see the files attached. He is a new buyer on Fiverr and he payed 60$ for an express delivery, and although I delivered 3 times, he got 3 empty deliveries. If I was him I was going to think that I got scammed! Now, what if the buyer has a bad experience due to this and leaves me a bad review, even if my service would have been considered flawless in normal circumstances? I am really worried that the bugs that the platform is causing today may affect the review that the buyers are going to leave and I absolutely think that Fiverr should be able to step in if that happens. Our service should not be affected by mistakes that we are not guilty of.

For sure, but you cross that bridge when you come to it. Nothing you can do about it now.

Stewing about hypotheticals doesn’t do anything. It’s just added stress.

If attachments aren’t working maybe re-deliver with a link to the file on dropbox

I sure hope we don’t get warnings for empty deliveries over this. That’d be funny.


I’m happy you shared your thoughts in the thread. I replied back to it.
It would be a complete and utter disaster.

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I haven’t been able to message her at all for the past hour.

Yes, absolutely! Just saw the reply. Hope that we get an adequate reaction from Fiverr’s team.

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How can I deliver order which has no time?
Anyone know when will this problem be sort out?

Delivery files have started to appear now along with the delivery message. Working all fine now on my end. Might wanna check yours as well and message the buyer to have a look. It should be working for all of us now.

Problem still persists on my end. Just redelivered and it has not appeared.

Fiverr has gone down, the website as whole. Says its under maintenance. Hope it is fixed shortly and the buyer gets his file ASAP and not leave a bad review.