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Fiverr building in Tel Aviv


fiverr building in Tel Aviv


Nice one. Guess you live close to the place…


I’ve never seen anything like that building and I love it. Thanks for sharing that. The architect should get an award for it.


Building looks amazing.
Wish we had a working fiverr team in all countries


Looks Amazing and very planned Architecture. I Love it and hope we can see such Fiverr Office in India soon.


Do they offer office tours to sellers? :grin:


Amazing building…feels great that we are a part of it. :slight_smile:


What’s the amazing thing? Looks like a regular building to me. The top part is okay, but it’s not something very futuristic to “wow” me.

If you want to be amazed, go check out the “Selfridges Building”.



it is not about the architecture but about the significance to us sellers


OK. I want to clarify something before I actually write something. Please, don’t flag me for posting my personal opinion on this, which is, by my beliefs — the correct one, and it does not insult or harm anyone in any way.

Now, tell me how is the architecture of the Fiverr building of any significance to “us, sellers”? I’m not working in that building, I’m not from Tel Aviv, I won’t ever work for Fiverr I’m almost 99.99% sure. And plain simply — I don’t like the design!

I have a friend who is an actual architect, we were in school together, I was with a speciality “Architecture”, so I know this and that. If I show my pal’s designs, you’ll want to study architecture. I’m so inspired by him, you can’t even imagine!

:upside_down_face: :trophy:


I found some more images here :wink:


Inside is dope. Kind of like IKEA store. Sick design.


It would be a pleasure to work in that building.

To take the same shape they’ve been making buildings forever and create a masterpiece like that is genius.


That looks so cool! :scream: