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Fiverr Business Cards

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone remembers a few years ago when each Fiverr member could apply for his or her business card. I believe it was via Vistaprint. I paid a few dollars and applied for mine to be shipped to me and I didn’t receive it. I messaged fiverr about it but they said they weren’t able to help. Did anyone have a similar experience?

Why do you recall it after a few years pass? Has something happened recently?

Yes we remembered. I did not ordered for that service but few of my friends got that. I think you should contact vistaprint help and support and ask theme if they delivered your order or it still pending.

To be honest, it’s always been that unsolved mystery and the card design was very nice plus I paid for it so I’m always wondering. But now that I’m revisiting the forum, I decided to ask.