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Fiverr Business Client wants 1/4 of their project as sample -_-

I received a msg from a business client prospect who wanted their tech. manual edited. As I had responded 6 hours later, I was pretty sure they had moved on… but, no. They have a 13-page manual and asked me to edit 3 as a sample. nuh uh!

I automatically assumed business clients are trustworthy or maybe I am blindsided.


Based on my experience…, this kind of buyer usually end-up as bad buyer.
Unless you still need to build portfolios, i don’t think this client worthed.
For Me, it’s a BIG NO. :slight_smile:


Just offer to do 3-page sample for 23% of the budget.

If they refuse, just walk away.


If it isn’t like hundred + dollar order I would say not worth it. Unless you can do the sample in under hour or so. :thinking:


I have received this, the guy really thought I was gonna spend time to make samples then I know my job and have nothing to prove and thought I was like a dog that we feed if satisfied or not… I don’t understand them at all


Beggars can’t be choosers. Wow, the audacity to request ‘as soon as possible’. If there’s a tight deadline, how about paying first?


I am prettttyyy sure it would lead to a no. Thank you, I’ll pocket this for later chuckles

I knowww, right and if I have time.

Once, I quoted double for a tight deadline and the buyer said, “wait, I just remembered there is a bit time” lol!


My experience with business clients has been mostly good so far, but that’s just luck. It’s not like they need to pass certain requirements, they just need to apply (and it’s free for the first year).


Aaaha! So that’s the reason.

My experience hasn’t been bad either, except this one, which was questionable.

I am hoping they don’t respond back. This way I am saved of the hassle of conversing unnecessarily.


my advice is say NO, this kind of client, are very very complicated, and in the end probably give you a bad review or cancel your job.
try to be far of this kind of client.
good luck ! @bintzia
greeting from @vivi123


My feeling is - this type of “buyer” can go around asking for a 1/4 sample from multiple sellers and get their entire project done free.




The many joys of working with resellers…

I smelt it from far, it was instantly a red flag

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Your ideas is fantastic. Thank you

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Yeah don’t bother.

All they need to do is go from seller to seller and say “hey can you write these 3 pages for a sample” until they’ve gotten the whole book written for free.

Offer them it for the price of three pages worth and if they turn it down then it’s a no go.

And business seller dosen’t mean quality buyer at all. Unlike VID which means they’ve done many jobs. Business seller just means they paid extra for the business subscription. Anyone can do that.


I have eventually realised how the crazies sound, even though it has just been a few months here.

Poor spelling and “hey bro” is normally a red flag for me. As petty as it sounds it shows they are not professionals.

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Poor spellings don’t necessarily reflect unprofessionalism, does it? It is a general occurrence, I have noticed.

It is the attitude from the get start - trying to be sneaky, hiding information, trying to get a quote with generic information, “Why is the price so high, it’s just this”, etc.

Maybe there is a post out there, “How to avoid the crazies. A COMPLETE guide for the new sellers”


Hey bro reminds me of the random ‘Hi’

Hi (dies for another hour)

Hi there, how may I help you?

(never bothers responding)

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Honestly, if you say it matter-of-factly, you might be surprised.
I get a lot of people asking for samples and I respond with a custom offer saying “No problem… etc” and most do take it.
I don’t take it personally that people want samples; it’s more likely to be that they have had problems with other sellers. Once bitten, twice shy as the saying goes. Showing you value yourself and being professional in how you deal with them makes a big difference too.