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Fiverr buyer asks for cancel

Hello Muditarticles here,

I am going to tell one of thing happened with me some hours ago as per there is a seller who contacted me for a video for his facebook and for his GIG and he given me his facebook page and website to make a video for him although he said to make it on my own style and he dont given instructions or which type he wants the video" then also I agreed as per he said that made according to you so I have maded a video and delivered in both of orders"

After that he messages me in inbox to come out of fiverr and work with his company which I denied him and he also ask me to join slack with him and somewhat which I reported to fiverr to review"

I also Denied to work out of fiverr due to money privacy and also I abide with fiverr rules so I dont do outsource

as I said this to him he opened a dispute on both orders and wanting a cancellation and he also have taken the video too and I dont know how this fiverr works

i am cheated a huge and also i have been worked hard which i dont get paid for that

I humbly request fiverr to check that buyer account and take a proper action against him also Please (

I cancelled his orders and a bit sad from fiverr and ya I worked also

Let me know your opinions
Best Regards,


I would do whatever Customer Support suggests. It sounds very confusing right now, so I am not sure what they will tell you. Good luck!


Don’t provide stupid advice.

Don’t just refund somebody because they demand a refund.

You do the work? Suck it up and take the negative feedback. Don’t get scammed.


But he cheated me as i worked for him and he tries to take chat out of fiverr

Yes i will do the same but its really disappointed bro and he tries to take chat out of fiverr

Look at my feedback. How many people do you see complaining about the quality of the work delivered?

At last count, it was 2 people. It may be 3.

Want to know how many poeple have complained about the quality and tried to get a refund using their ‘technique’? Close to 40.

How many people left negative feedback after being denied a refund from these 40? 0. 32 of them left 5-star positive feedbacks when they realised the work I was producing was of a high quality for what they paid. About 25% of those people turned into long paying customers.

If I had offered them a refund I would have:

  • Lost out on positive feedback
  • Lost out on a long time paying customer.

Most people who ask for refunds are just trying to scam you.


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I agreed.

Contact support.and follow what they say…and always be smart here.Because you will find this type of buyers sometimes…

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Yes :frowning: he tried to contact outside so I reported and also gonna contact customer support

You could tell him that after completing this 2 orders than we can discuss about it…Than I thik you don’t have to cancel the order.(I guess)

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MOD can you help me please as the buyer want to take the chat out of fiverr and I reported him too but fiverr doesnt tooked an action yet as also he is level 2 seller so can you please solve the issue in right manner for everybody and with justice common to every seller as it is not permitted to anyone to take chat out of fiverr i have reported him thanks!

You need to report this to customer service through the support system here:

I am just a seller and moderator on the forum, I can’t get involved in anything to do with the main Fiverr site or orders.

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ok thanks! i got it know

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When someone do like this please at first, contact support tell them everything & show them the messages. Then you can follow their instructions. And please always try to contact with ssupport before cancel the order.

I always rely on the order’s specifics and briefing. Did you deliver everything they asked for in a timely fashion? Did you do revisions included in your order?

If the outcome lived up to the order’s requirements, even if they don’t like the product, I always shield myself by putting on the table how everything’s been delivered as agreed, like I said, even if they don’t happen to like it.


Thanks! for responding I will keep this in mind

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I delivered what he needed than he tries to get the content out of fiverr which I denied and also I delivered what he asked and than he asked for revisions in order writing changes will be listed soon but he didnt sended revisions and than opened a dispute :frowning: