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Fiverr buyer etiquette

I’m a new buyer and I was just wondering what the etiquette was regarding requesting revisions? I was just trying to have a logo done and required simple revisions, like color changes. So when I click the “Request Revision” button, it now shows up in my orders as “REJECTED”. And to me that looks bad, like I’ve sent the whole thing back saying “Terrible work, do it again”, when all I really said was, “Hey that looks great! Can you do this, hopefully simple, color change? And we’re golden”.

Is this just how things are normally done here? I’d rather not be considered a difficult customer if possible. There’s some pretty talented folks here.


It’s true, the REJECTED mark can be disheartening for some sellers but it is how the system works. Fiverr’s automated texts leave a lot to be desired (the “here’s your custom offer” text irritates me a lot as it does not come across as friendly or customer focused).
If you can, it can be a nicer option to simply send a message to the seller with your modification request, worded as you did above, and the seller can then make the revision. If they don’t respond then I suggest you hit the modification button to avoid the order being marked as complete automatically (after 3 days).

Fiverr’s phrasing certainly leaves a lot to be desired in many situations. That said, just be nice and compliment the work that you do like to psychologically boost your seller then explain that you’d like xyz changed a bit. I’d recommend hitting the mod button in any case, as it will put you back in the “to do” list–a simple message won’t have that visibility, and a busy seller may miss it completely.

A very valid point

Most sellers know what the status means. So they are not offended. They read what is requested and go from there.

That´s right, the ¨Request Revision¨ option is a bit hard and I don’t use it when I buy and need a correction to be made. I message my seller and ask for the adjustment to be made instead. It works as well with the difference that we keep a great relationship :slight_smile:

I never seem to get what I want from sellers. I feel like I provide a lot of detail, I attach color references, and picture references and they are never used. I search and search for a seller that can deliver what I really need. I have just ordered three gigs, just hoping that one will pay off. What do sellers need from the buyer to get he job done right he first time?

To answer your question I will need more information :slight_smile:

It depends on what the gig is. eg. If you are asking me to proofread a document then you simply need to send the document. If you need a custom designed website then a lot more detail is required! If you have specific requirements then it is better to contact the seller before ordering.

I’m never insulted by the “Rejected” message, as an artist here on Fiverr, provided that the buyer is as polite as you were. I don’t think you have anything to worry about as long as you are kind, and polite within the message.

The word “rejected” is fine, Fiverr uses crystal clear language, and if a buyer tells me “Hey, that looks great, but can you please fix this” chances are I will revise.

However, if he’s not specific, if he has a bad attitude, I will either refund or explain to the buyer that I don’t do revisions.

Some buyers are impossible, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than working 40 minutes or a $45 order and then be treated like crap just because the buyer doesn’t like it. If I had it my way, the refunds would be 90%, not 100% unless it’s an issue of lateness.