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Let me start with a little background: I owned a fairly successful website design company for almost 20 years. I have changed industries and figured I would let someone else handle the logo design part of things but be as specific as possible while leaving room for the designer to do their thing. Came to Fiverr. Nice samples and hard to pick someone but I did. Paid for extra logos, 3D mockup, etc and paid for an option they offered for one day turnaround. Got logos in one day. Cool. Selected one and said please proceed with other paid services (3D mockup, social media kit, etc) with this graphic. Now she’s just gone. No response, no new files, nothing. I filed a complaint. Nothing. Went to 99d, paid about a hundred dollars more to be fair but within 48 hours, I have 135 logos to review and designers that are turning around revisions in less than 24 hrs. It’s amazing, customer focused and drives people to do their best work or not get paid. Fiverr has been a horrible experience and I absolutely will not do business here again once, or if, I get my refund.


Sounds like a walking billboard ad for 99designs.


Well, it’s not. It’s unfortunate that this is the message you received from my post and not use it for constructive criticism to improve Fiverr. I guess that just reinforces my opinion of Fiverr and the attitude that the sellers have. Like I said, I’ve been at this game for a long time and thought I would pass some information along to help. My bad.


Constructive criticism? You are comparing Apples to Oranges. I would have presented a “PROPER” response if you had just presented a more neutral case of experience on Fiverr.

You have already decided you are no longer going to continue your business here, so I will not delve further into my subjective view regarding YOUR post.



Again, your response is a perfect example of my experience and tells me that I’m making the right decision. Goodbye…


If the seller fails to deliver you should basically ask for a refund, if the buyer issues a not so attractive output you should ask for a reversion. You had a bad experience but that doesn’t mean every seller on fiverr provides low quality output.


The Fiverr seller who let you down simply won’t get paid if they didn’t deliver the work you paid for.
When it comes to picking the designer on 99d, what will happen if the one you decide on (out of 135) suddenly disappears too? Will that site go on your “never again” list too? What if you had tried them first and had that experience, would you have posted something similar on another forum about 99d?
There are a huge amount of sellers on all freelance platforms, you will find that a lot of the same freelancers operate on the different platforms. I offer services on three other platforms.
The chance of someone disappearing for one reason or another is always there unfortunately. There are many reasons that this could happen and none of them would be exclusive to Fiverr sellers. Sellers are human, no matter what platform they work on.
There are around 50,000 gigs in the logo design category on Fiverr, you had a bad experience with one of them. You could have just got your refund and used another and saved yourself about a hundred dollars.


Just to get back to the first post…Used fiverr for the first time to get a tee shirt design. The guy was one of the Fiverr recommended sellers… Didn’t give me 3 options (promised) and just went to our website and copy and pasted the top banner and sent it back to me… waste of 15$ …I can copy and paste into photoshop too…Not confident to give it another try…if this guy is recommended…what are the other sellers like?


I have a business to run, I’m not going to sit here, as a customer, and justify my reaction. I only wanted to answer your question: yes, I absolutely would tell 99d the same EXACT things. I have no connections to 99d, I’m a first time customer of theirs too and could give a hairy rats ass how they felt about my comments if they let me down and would not give them any further business. The goods news is that, if they flaked, I would already feel like I got what I paid for in that I already have their winning design and could easily reproduce it in AI myself. Good luck, all.


We all have businesses to run but this is a forum where people are free to query and comment on the posts. Of course there is no obligation to reply but my questions were out of curiosity as I cannot see how one bad experience results in someone writing off 49,999 other sellers. Sure, don’t use the one who let you down again but the site hasn’t let you down and neither have the other sellers. Glad you got what you needed and are happy with it, any reason why you couldnt [quote=“heathwilkinson, post:9, topic:98439”]
have their winning design and could easily reproduce it in AI myself

with the logo you got from the Fiverr seller? Although if the order is canceled (on Fiverr or 99d) then you wouldn’t have the right to use someone else’s design.