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Fiverr Buyer Request Tip 01

Buyer Request

When making a buyer request, the most important thing is, the information we write to the offer we are sending. Never do these things.

  • Don’t go overboard with your qualifications. It’s better to say nothing about qualifications. * Don’t mourn. Never say that I haven’t any orders. So give me a chance.

  • Do not write long descriptions about your experiences like that I have level 1, level 2 I have done 500 orders such things.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Please cite your sources? Much of what you have is interesting, but without citations, it’s unbacked and unreliable.

1: Conversion:

While conversation plays a part in conversion, it’s only one part. How you present your service is also important.

2: Private Feedback
This is not a tip. This is business basics. Be proactive. Do what you promised to do.
Bonus precaution.
. Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

3: Buyer Request
First two points good, but the rest is poorly written.
. READ, People! Be original!
. Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓


Thank you very much. I will update the post. Thanks for advice again.

thank you very much.