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Fiverr buyer wanting me to create multiple Facebook accounts for them?

Hi! Im new to Fiverr and I just got a message from a Fiverr buyer asking if I would create multiple Facebook accounts with various identities, they would supply me the information. This seems abnormal/scam to me. Am I missing something? Let me know asap please

Update: They told me they use the accounts for market research?


I would give this person a huge swerve myself. Once a leopard, always spotty.

If your Spidey sense is tingling…


So true! I did. Thankyou for responding!

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Report the person. Not only is he violating Fiverr’s TOS, what he’s asking you to do is a violation of Fiverr’s AND Facebook’s TOS.

If ever in any doubt, read the terms of service both for Fiverr and other platforms you’re on, they will not steer you wrong. The more of these scammers we can get reported and booted, the safer the platform is for all of us. :slight_smile:


Great advice, thank you!

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Hi there!

If you google - Can I create multiple Facebook accounts? You will find helpful information from the facebook help center.

The answer is NO, facebook wants users to have one personal account, and create and manage their business account from their personal account.

Facebook is very particular about users being able to identify themselves, and the potential problems that you could run into outweigh the benefits.

The accounts could get locked and suspended after you create them - pending uploading ID, asking for a telephone number etc to prove identity.

So, I agree with what @greystorm2 suggested - the best idea is to report the user. I would also block them as they are asking you to break TOS.