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I have a huge gripe!
Fiverr BUYERS BEWARE! I just had the worst experience on Fiverr as a fist time buyer! I cancelled the order because the seller was not delivering on the times he said. I allowed him an extension, but still did not deliver or communicate well. Worst of all…SO NOW THAT I CANCELLED I CANNOT LEAVE A REVIEW WARNING OTHERS NOT TO WASTE THEIR TIME WITH THIS SELLER. THIS PROBABLY HAPPENED BEFORE AND NO ONE COULD WARN ME OR OTHERS. THE SELLERS NAME IS *********!>>>>>BUYERS BEWARE<<<<<<HE COULD WASTE YOUR TIME!!

Now I do not want to deal with Fiverr again, because this could happen again. The reviews are bogus because you cannot get feedback from all the cancelled orders because of unprofessional behavior!

Mod Note: :clipboard: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs.

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I am unable to find the right place to do this. I wanted to just leave a review but since I am unable to and I cannot talk with customer service, I am just trying to get justice as a buyer.

I don’t want to be doing this. I just wanted to purchase a service and develop a business relationship but I did not get good service.

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You can could try contacting if needed.
Also a cancelled order will have affected the seller’s stats which can affect their level or make it harder to achieve a Fiverr level. Also it’s likely the seller worked on the order and now has no payment for what they worked on.


I was very nice about allowing him another 12 hours, but when he did not deliver or even contact me, I felt it was not professional and I did not want to waste any more time on excuses.

Thanks for the email. I was not able to find that.

You cancelled, that means you forfeited your right to review the seller. Why is that a problem?

It’s a fair system. If you want to hurt someone’s reputation, you have to pay. This isn’t Facebook, on Facebook you can write negative reviews of any restaurant, store, page, etc.

Besides, your bad experience doesn’t mean the seller is delivering late or not delivering at all with other clients. Maybe he’s in the hospital, maybe he suffered a car accident, maybe he’s unavailable, maybe he doesn’t have the Fiverr app or his computer broke or he had a death in the family and can’t deal with Fiver right now.


At this point I just want my money refunded and move on, but Fiverr has credited me and I do not want to use Fiverr again.

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He said it was his birthday.

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And he showed online, and told me he would have it by a certain allowed extension.

I do take in consideration all of the above things you mentioned. But I think this was unacceptable.

Besides if he would of communicated things to me better I would of been more understanding.

Sorry, but why would you be able to use a forum to defame a seller?

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reading the rules might help … from this kind of attitude that it seems you have , I’m sure that the story has definitely 2 sides


I agree…

Your extreme frustration and annoyance at not being able to leave a review on a canceled order only shows that you didn’t bother familiarizing yourself with Fiverr’s Terms of Service. All Fiverr users are supposed to thoroughly read and understand Fiverr’s ToS and keep them in mind while on Fiverr.

If you were aware of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you would’ve already known that buyers cannot leave a review on canceled orders. I mean, it is clearly spelled out in the ToS. :thinking:

You would have done a whole lot of good had you read the ToS, not canceled the order, and left a review the seller deserved (had you thought the negative review was worth not canceling for). This would have helped out a lot of future prospective buyers. Unfortunately, you really can’t do anything about it now that you have canceled the order. :crying_cat_face:

This is the exact reason why some sellers get away with fooling/scamming buyers as a lot of buyers would rather have their money refunded than post a negative review so as to warn future prospective buyers. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong in doing that (you are entitled a refund if the order was not delivered as promised). However, do not expect to also be able to submit a review after canceling the order.


Right? And it’s also totally justifiable.

I don’t understand why people use services whose terms they disagree with and then get mad when those terms are set in place. Oh, that’s if they read them.


You know what I love about posts like this? It’s basically the fact that someone goes to the lengths of screaming “Fiverr is Bogus, BUYER BEWARE, etc.”

I have had countless items never arrive from eBay. I have been served bad things to eat in supposedly good restaurants. I even had a woman at the Chinese part of Epcot in Disney Land forget my order once. The thing is, I never immediately thought that a logical response to the situation at hand, would be to scream “DISNEY LAND IS A SCAM!!!”


Basically, lower hysteria+less shouting = maybe you have a grievance we could help with.

By comparison, huge hysteria + excessive use of caps and shouting = probably you are not the best person to leave an objective review in the first place.


Support will often send refunded money back to the place it came from. Ask them nicely, and they should do it for you.

It is a little bit of a scam. They call themselves the happiest place on earth. That’s a lie.

The happiest place on earth is my warm bed.


I agree 100%

Look at the airline industry, it’s heavily-regulated and full of horror stories. Passengers kept on the tarmac for hours, roaches on planes, therapy animals that bite other passengers, flight delays, flight cancellations, people denied boarding for what they’re wearing, people thrown out the plane for disagreeing with the flight attendant… and yet who screams “X airline is a scam”?


Okay… Sultry, but okay…


read this note on A fiverr seller by a new buyer!
feel sad for the buyer
but as a seller i have to say something!
the sellers are also human beings,they are not robots!
they have their personal life also and everyone can face personel problem as a human being
not all buyers but some buyer think they can use us (seller) they want and for only 5 or 10$ or more!
isn’t it a crime?
and at the end they give 3 star review sying “i got what i want” but the seller is not communicative
and believe me this hurts alot the new sellers!
please fiverr help sellers with giving some edge on review system
and one more thing
not all sellers have all the skills
for example i am graphic designer and i can design minimal design perfectly but i don’t have that much grip in vintage or other
but buyer think a designer can design everything and every kind of design they want!
our discription says everything about our skills
so these are some suggestion i have in my mind as a seller on fiverr


Everyone is forgetting that if the order would’ve run into the “late” stage fiverr would’ve gave you an option to cancel it automatically from your end and it would’ve left automatic 1 star review to a seller saying that “cancelled! Seller failed to deliver on time!”

But I guess you didn’t have that option? If not then your seller wasn’t late with a delivery in the eyes of fiverr.
(I think I also would’ve been more human and understanding with a birthday and gave him extra day not just 12 hours. 12 hours it basically only one night especially if you don’t know the local time for your seller. Was it unprofessional from a seller not to keep to his promise? Of course it was. But if you didn’t have option to cancel with a review then technically your order wasn’t late.


You placed an order for a service. You expected the order to be delivered at a certain time, it wasn’t. You then gave an extension but the seller has yet to finish your order.

It’s safe to say that since you purchased the service it is something that you wanted/needed. Why not allow another reasonable extension (let’s say 2 days) so the seller can complete the order.

Let’s say your final delivery was wonderful and you loved everything about it. You then could have wrote a review and left the proper rating for this service.

"Finish product came out great but the seller was extremely late on delivering it. Very unprofessional communication. I will not be returning back." - 2 stars


I think this is a bad rule.