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Fiverr Buyers - Not Very Welcoming

I am continuously looking for work here on Fiverr but there is no success. I have searched some profiles of top Sellers. I am sure they all started from scratch and managed to build their profiles but they are old sellers. I was thinking maybe this is because of the fact that the number of sellers have increased so much over the past few years. Buyers trust old sellers and rarely give chance to new sellers. I understand their are trust issues but they should give chance to others as well. I wanted to dedicate my time to Fiverr only but maybe now I should consider other options as well.

Hi, yes ofcourse its a matter of trust, but you can also build trust very fast with your quality of work. I have started fiverr couple of months ago and i am getting consistent amount of work. Your gigs are perfect for a great future. My sister is also a freelancing writer like you and she is getting lots of orders a day. I just checked your gigs you are offering services of different niches. Try to stick on one niche like writing articles or graphic designing. Provide keyword filled descriptions for your gigs. Place a professional display video and image for your gig. Also try to post your ads on social media like FB, TW, YT etc. If your gigs are getting more views and impressions automatically it will convert into orders…Hope this will help…don’t be disappointed fiverr is a great place for freelancers like us…try hard and earn more…

welcome welcome … wel we are from the same place and am also new here as in the starting my experience was not going good but after some time you will also get orders like me… its a good place i found by far

Yes, you are right. Thank-you for your advice. I’ve been checking, for a few days there is no increase in impressions, clicks and views on my gigs. That is a little disappointing. I mean if your gigs don’t appear then how will you get orders.

Good to hear that you are finally making you way here. Good luck to both of us then. :slight_smile:

Do not look for excuses. I have seen many start a year ago or less and are now doing very well.

Yeah I guess I am getting a little impatient.

Not just impatient but unrealistic. I see other new sellers say there is no room for them but it makes no real sense. If what you describe was accurate, you would see hundreds or thousands of TRS making tons in sales, dominating the search pages and the forum.

You would either see no level 0-2 sellers or at least none with any sales. On the contrary, though, you’ll find lots of non-TRS here with anywhere from a few sales to hundreds or even thousands of great reviews. Many are fairly new. The are out there working hard to get buyers and they sure aren’t just hanging out waiting to be “discovered.” :slight_smile:

Maybe you are right. But just for the record I am holding my end of bargain. Let’s just wait and see how it turns out. :slight_smile: