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Fiverr Buyers, what noteworthy considerations do you take into account when purchasing a gig?

I’m a relatively new member to the fiverr community and i was wondering for those of you that have experience purchasing a gig what criteria, or vetting process do you go through before choosing what gig to purchase?

Do you as a buyer always go for high ranking recommended sellers?, how about if you have two or more sellers selling the same service at the same quality, what small maybe unusual things do you look for to sway your choice?

Do you ever purchase gigs from new sellers with few to no ratings, if yes what is it about such sellers would make you want to purchase from them?

looking forward the feedback. :slight_smile:

As a buyer with over 110 purchases, I often order the same gig from more than one person. Unless it’s programming, or if he takes too long to do it. But image design gigs are especially the ones I offer to several people, including newbies. What’s important to me is you getting the job done WITHOUT asking me for step-by-step directions. I’m suspicious when you seem too eager to get the job. I’m suspicious when you say you need DAYS to do a gig. Fiverr teaches that on small gigs they should be completed inside 15-20 minutes, which should earn for you, at $4 each, about $15/hour. I’m suspicious when you ask me to “confirm” that I know what I’m asking you to do. So, I don’t care about how new you are UNLESS that account is making NO SALES then in that case you won’t work for me, either.

If you are a programmer and want cPanel access to my top secret bank accounts, I get suspicious. I already know there are MANY MANY here who only want to download your software and databases for their own uses. So if I suspect you are one of those, you will not get access. Asking to modify some code in my site is a bad idea, especially when it may not work when the software is updated. So I think it all depends on on how you approach me. If your 1st questions is how much I will pay, I will remind you your gig profile says one gig. From that conversation on, I already know we will not do business but you seem “amusing” so I continue chatting to you.

Just a buyer here, and I don’t know how the selling side works…

Probably half of the sellers I buy from are from new sellers. Sometimes, I’m the first or second person to buy that person’s gig. Usually, the gigs I buy from new sellers are for relatively simple things (putting together a basic poster, transcription of notes, and the like). They are things that I can do, so if the project goes pear-shaped, I can finish it myself.

If it’s time-sensitive and something I can’t do myself, I go with someone who has demonstrated experience, and I compare their live portfolio pieces to the pieces they put up themselves. The gig description needs to be clear and accurate, but grammatical errors are not a deal-breaker… unless the seller claims to speak English as his or her native language. Any noticeable errors at all would be a deal-breaker if the seller’s gig involves proofreading, editing, or writing.

For cute/unique/fun gigs, it doesn’t matter to me whether the seller is new or not. I’ll certainly be suspicious if the photos or other elements are the same as one or more other seller’s/sellers’ gigs, however.

The same suspicion applies if your personal photo is clearly a stock photo of a model. Obviously, this is a general comment and not directed at you specifically, MrTrevor, but if you model for stock photography, and the stock photo is really you, it might be to your advantage to say so in your “about me” bit. Some of us buyers buy enough stock photography to notice these things. That said, it doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t have a picture of themselves at all.

Having been here long enough to know how fluffed the rating system is, I don’t put much faith in the star system, even for experienced sellers. With relatively new sellers, I ignore the stars and read the comments.

So, how has that worked out for me? I’ve purchased some excellent gigs from some really great sellers, and I’ve recommended them to friends. Over the years, I’ve been “burned” twice: once with a product that turned out to be a copyright violation (stolen material, of which I had a legitimate hard copy of the book on my bookcase), and once with someone who simply never delivered the product after an “empty delivery” and a few weeks of waiting. The second one was solved by CS cancelling the order.

Does that help?

Anything that can make you look more trustworthy. A well written and original profile that conveys competency in English or enough artistic talent to make up for any lack of english skills. Sample work for graphic designers is a huge help too…For me, 5 or more really good samples to scroll through makes the difference when choosing a graphic designer.


I am also a Buyer and most consistently I always buy when the “Gig description” is clear and the message response is prompt when I have any questions.

The Cover photo doesn’t have to be professionally designed, but I feel more secure in the Gig purchase, when the Cover Photo matches the Gig description. If the Cover Photo is not just a photo or avatar of a person, I’m more than likely to order

Hope this helps.


As a buyer, I’m very picky and I’ll windowshop for as long as it takes until I’m totally confident I’ve found the right seller. Video presentations are a big plus if they include the seller, but they’re not a must for me. Ideally, I want to see samples of the seller’s work, as well as a well-written gig description. To me, the gig description is the easiest way to know what I’m dealing with: if the seller can’t be bothered to write a description with perfect grammar and spelling and with attractive formatting, then that tells me right away how much effort is really going to get put into my order.

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Video presentations is the best way

I have bought a couple of items on Fiverr. I spend my time looking over the reviewer comments that have been left on a seller’s gig. I do a little cost comparison, and ETA comparison, across the board. If the seller has great comments, and won’t take forever to deliver, I feel 100% more comfortable buying from them. I don’t put too much thought into their profile picture, as long as they have a picture.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Don’t always depends up on ratings, there were some new sellers come with better services than top rated once. But they were all hide in last pages of result that’s why buyers can’t see them. try to look at new people, they can offer you some good stuff with huge bonuses.

Reply to @kjblynx: As a brand new seller myself I find your comment on rarely purchasing from new sellers interesting. it seems for newbies to get noticed they have to provide a service above and beyond what a top rated or high ranked sellers provide.

Reply to @catsquirrel: That is very helpful thank you, I myself have yet to purchase a gig. I do intent to do so in the near future, but until then I have to rely on those that have on what to expect and lookout for. I never put much thought on profile pictures though, browsing through the gig listings I do notice a lot of modelesque looking profile avatars.