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It’s been a while since I created a topic, so here goes:

anyone here used the Fiverr BYOB program AND got their payment?

I logged in and checked out the new dashboard thingy and it looks pretty intimidating to say the least, and I wanted to see if it works as advertised before bringing in a whale. :wink:


Bring Your Own Bikini :bikini: :smiley: :beach_umbrella:

I can’t add anything to the conversation because haven’t used the BYOB!

Just giving this a bump. :wink:


I don’t even have BYOB. That said, I wouldn’t be seen dead in a bikini around here anyway.


Oh, Cy, there’s a first time for everything. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Head to South :beach: Beach, you’d be surprised. :hushed:


Been there, done that, bought the alligator head souvenir. :slight_smile:

Sadly beaches aren’t my scene. Give me a kayak to paddle to a rocky out of the way cove away from the beasts on the beach, and I’m your man. Force me to tag along on a trendy boardshorts and bikini beach trip, and I’ll just secretly wee in the sea to spite you.


Seems like no one is using it.

I got some private feedback from other Pro sellers who told me they used it, and Fiverr did not give them back the commission as advertised, on the grounds that the users came to Fiverr but did not register.

Hmm… not sure I wanna take that chance.


So just to clarify, if you use BYOB, customers can pay directly without signing up to Fiverr and (in theory) sellers don’t have to pay 20% commission?

I actually like that and could use it. - However, paying 20% comission to Fiverr would be a deal breaker.


If I use BYOB this is what happens:

-buyer pays the 5% processing fee

-i get the 80% of the sale as per usual once the order is marked as complete.

-30 days later I also get the 20% commission back.

Oh and I will ALWAYS get the 20% commission back from that specific buyer. No matter how many orders they place, just as long as initial registration occurred via my special BYOB link.


That killed it for me. - It means I’d have to check back on orders, would probably forget, and would probably not even realize if I didn’t get the 20% back. That says to me that BYOB is designed that way.

That sold it to me again! But if they need to register as a Fiverr user… That could kill it again.

It sounds like it needs to be made a bit more straight forward really…

Use this to bring buyer - Bring buyer - Get paid - That’s simple and I like it. What you just described, though, is some kind of chess maneuver and I’m still trying to figure out all the ways I’m getting played…


Well if you got to see the dashboard that you need to use to keep track of everything you’d find it as iffy as I did which leads us to why I posted this topic in the first place.

And also, in an ideal world one could make a lot more $$ if they would use BYOB and get people to join the platform AND keep them as clients in the process.

However that means you need to do/pay for the marketing, which is why we pay the commission in the first place.


80% + 20% commission. :hushed:

Sounds good and looks on paper, but is this an invite only kinda thing?


Yeah for now it’s on a very limited roll out phase.

I think it’s just for Pros at the moment.


Okie Dokie! :ok_hand:t4: Coz I was looking for it in my account and was like hrm. :thinking:
Must be something for the cooler kids. :sweat_smile: Hopefully, others see this topic to add more to the discussion. :sunglasses:


Not sure I want to put all my eggs in one basket.


There’s both the egg->basket issue, plus bringing your already-existing book of business to Fiverr, if they ALREADY have a fiverr account means you just lost 20% of your income to fiverr. Period. Because it has to be a new Fiverr customer/account to get the 20% returned to you. Let’s say 50% of your non-Fiverr customer base already has Fiverr accounts — It’s just a loss of that 10% (give or take) of your non-Fiverr income base. There’s no gain for you. Fiverr, however, gets to show them all your competitors and make 20% on your customers.

No bid.


OK so a long overdue update on my end:

My experience with the BYOB feature was a bumpy one.

The 20% was returned to me, but it took a bit longer than advertised and I couldn’t withdraw the amount to my fiverr account because it was over 1k (which is not disclosed anywhere). So I had to enter my bank account directly which was a bit counterintuitive.

Fiverr staff also told me that when someone comes via my BYOB custom link, they are never introduced to my competitors via Fiverr’s newsletter, picks of the month or what have you.

(They are of course free to browse the video-animation category on their own)

But competition is not that much of an issue for me.
I mean anyone who comes via my BYOB link is already a customer and they do prefer my service.


Hi, how long did it take? Two weeks? And you entered your bank account directly on fiverr? Were you using Paypal for the other withdrawals?


It took over 1 month.

I entered my bank account on the affiliates dashboard which is NOT part of the Fiverr platform.

I use Payoneer all the time for my payouts.


The reason they’re holding money 60-90 days is to earn money off interest. it’s part of their business tactic in the first place. All escrow services use funds to earn money.

Keeping it longer? That’s YOUR income/interest loss. Common business sense: “Money today is better than money tomorrow.”)

I was about to say, and you added: what keeps them from looking at the rest of Fiverr and seeing the competition even if Fiverr is not ACTIVELY trying to take the customer away from you?

But also — what stops them from making “mistakes” or such. They only stand to greatly financially benefit from stealing your customer from you and making the 20% commission. Or one day they decide to discontinue BYOB — now if your customer keeps ordering through Fiverr, you lose the 20%, period.

Staff can tell you anything, you have to read the TOS and policies and make sure it’s in writing and eligible to sue them for lost wages/income. Otherwise they just disavow what was said, claim the rep didn’t understand the question/policy, whatever. Read read read. or don’t engage.


I think it’s a great idea. Sellers who have clients elsewhere can use a payment processor on this site without needing to have one anywhere else.