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Look, BYOB is not for everyone.

I made an additional $5k in August because I got a few Pro orders via BYOB links.

No one is forcing you to use it.
It’s true what you said about money today etc but that 20% is money you would otherwise give to Fiverr.

Fiverr stands to gain from every person you bring on the platform because they target every single thing a small-medium business needs.

So I bring them in for videos, they are bound to look for SEO, graphics design or whatever at some point.

Also: I feel super-confident about the level of service I offer personally. My clients are not “lost” if they choose to look elsewhere for a different project.

I am not in direct competition with cheap gigs and my clients are not looking for cheap solutions either.

So if you fear of the competition that much, you may need to look inward and reassess who your target clients really are and what value they see in your offerings

P.S. i was in direct contact with the man behind the feature at all times. He was really helpful and while I didn’t have anything in writing they had no reason for me to lose my 20% or stop using the feature.


A customer who was already on Fiverr, whom I’ve made thousands from, I would be losing 20% for. I would be getting that 20% if it weren’t for Fiverr. I already do.

If the customer is already on Fiverr, it’s a 20% income loss in commissions to Fiverr for being an order management system. I already have a system to manage my clients. My client isn’t ordering more $ due to Fiverr.

re: In order to enjoy zero-commission order, your buyer must be a new Fiverr user…

Fiverr didn’t refer this customer to me, but I have to pay them a commission. Way more than a CRM program or order management system, depending on my volume of sales.



I don’t understand what your point is, honestly.

If you already have clients outside Fiverr then there’s no need for you to use the feature. (Or Fiverr for that matter)

That doesn’t mean no one on Fiverr can use it or that the feature is not any good.


I think you didn’t see the last one: All future orders from the customer you bring to fiverr will be commission free, if I am understanding you correctly.


I agree 100% with this. I’m sure there is some use for the BYOB program. But, it seems very limited. When I have clients outside of Fiverr, I get my money right away, because I always get paid a big chunk up front. It’s easier to deal with revisions, changes in scope, deadlines, and just about everything else. I feel like bringing my clients to this platform makes their life harder and I don’t get any benefit.

Fiverr is interested in making money off the interest and getting new buyers on the platform. They have shown in the past their TOS can change abruptly. I have no desire to bring new customers here. I’d rather do the work and get them to my own site.

Fiverr Learn has also made me even more skeptical of the BYOB program. Why? Because Fiverr Learn seems geared to capture more seller money. It could easily become pay-to-play on Fiverr. you have to buy courses to get gigs ranked. I feel like Fiverr is turning into a company town where every effort is made to get you to spend all of your money on the platform. It doesn’t feel like a program that is actually respectful of sellers. How do I know that Fiverr won’t try and get a bigger cut in the future? Maybe it needs to start charging a “fee” to cover its invoicing and payment services for BYOB.

No online platform is safe for freelancers because the rules can always change. No seller is too big to get the hook. Multiple sources of income is the most sane way to protect yourself in the gig economy.


I brought my customer under this scheme, completed the order with a 5 star rating, but didn’t get paid immediately as promised :frowning: It will still take 15 days to release the payment. I don’t understand why should I bring my customers to Fiverr when I am not paid immediately, and it takes a long to get the 20% back? Makes me not to use this feature anymore.

Fiverr gets all the benefits, and sellers doesn’t. I can get an immediate payment from trusted customers when I deal with directly.


You are talking about something else.

You are talking about Fiverr’s clearance period with funds for anyone who isn’t a TRS or Pro seller.

That’s clearly stated in Fiverr’s ToS. If you spent some time reading it prior to opening an account on here, you’d find lots of useful nuggets like that.

And as for the BYOB, yes it will take over a month to get that.Depends on which calendar day your order’s funds clear.


I am talking about the payment here, not the 20% commission. As stated by Fiverr, the funds should get released at once when the customer marks the order as completed. And, in my case it was done by the customer with 5 star rating.


Yes, like I said, you are talking about something else.

Nowhere in the ToS does it say that you get the money instantly.


Said in BYOB. Thanks!


If they’re already your customer off of Fiverr, and you ask them to place orders with you through Fiverr AND they already have a Fiverr account — you do not get the 20%.

So this only works for BYOB customers who are not already on Fiverr.

This entirely benefits Fiverr, not you. It MAY benefit you if your customers order significantly more with you through Fiverr than they would privately — at the risk of them finding another vendor to deal with who will undercut you. Fiverr essentially is attempting to steal 20% from your wallet for those cases where you bring them your customer to place orders with you on Fiverr but they were already a Fiverr customer. Then they hold that 20% longer to earn interest off of it for a while before handing it over. There’s no other reason for them to keep the 20% for any holding period.


Better check that that customer was not already on Fiverr, in which case you lose the 20% “commission” because the rules say they have to be a new Fiverr customer. That would be why they’re holding your main payment (80%) for 7-14 days after order completion; because it didn’t qualify for BYOB.


If the customer was already on Fiverr, or the order is under $25 it does not qualify for BYOB. If they were already a Fiverr customer, you won’t get the 20% commission back on all future orders with that customer: they didn’t qualify for BYOB in the first place.

I’d have to ask each individual customer whether they have a Fiverr account before even referring them to the program or chance losing thousands of dollars a year. Crazy talk.