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Fiverr caching "issues" for top sellers and level two sellers



I’ve noticed that certain level two and ‘top sellers’ have their profile data cached for an incredibly long time.

I have been watching one profile for two weeks and their ‘recent delivered time’ and ‘orders in the queue’ number has never changed.

The same goes for other profiles I’ve been monitoring for a few days. The data is the exact same on different computers, browsers and internet connections, so is not client side.

Is this intentional to help top sellers or is it a known bug?


I can’t tell you if it’s a bug or not.
But I am curious why do you think that “data cached for a long time” would help top rated sellers?


Good question.

To me, it’s the social proof aspect.

So if it constantly shows “delivered 5 hours ago” and “five orders in queue” not only does it show you’re active, but that you’re in demand as well. Both things that no doubt help with sales.

Especially if the reality is that you have no orders in queue and you haven’t delivered on a job for a while.


What you can do is report it as a bug to CS. It don’t think it would be intentional (or at least it shouldn’t be) to help the sellers as those stats would also mislead buyers. It’s likely a bug if you’re doing a full refresh. Maybe it’s only updating the cache every so often to keep the site running efficiently - but if so it should say something so it isn’t misleading buyers if it’s not accurate.

What I’ve noticed is it’s different depending on the browser. Maybe it depends if the browser is logged in to Fiverr. eg. on one browser a gig shows as “recent delivery 18 minutes” even if you refresh (Ctrl+F5) a while later. The same gig as shown in Firefox (not logged in) shows “recent delivery 35 minutes” and 2 less orders in the queue. Doing a refresh (Ctrl+F5) on the logged in browser still gives the old “18 minutes” figure so it’s still giving a cached version.