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Fiverr can be a case study for Business Management Students

I am Business Management Gradute. Worked for multinational companies. In many business schools courses and books there are some great case studies about companies in good way and bad way.
Now i discovered fiverr with my friends advice. It started so good. And i bought 5 gigs. And then everything became a nightmare indeed. The agreed sellers waiting for me because i cannot pay with my credit card. Yes i have used it without any problem for years and years…From Thailand to cambodia from italy to germany from usa to malaysia… Everywhere. Plus i dont have a single card. I have 3 different credit cards.

Fiverr has a bug. It is ridiciolus. or maybe they want to block their customers. I dont know why. I thought maybe they wanna force customers in the worst time (before they need a serivice) to increase the users of PayPal. But they said it is not the case. Then what is the case ? I have many time asked customer service… Really no help even no reply. I am with great credibility. Lets suppose it is a problem my credit cards. Then i try to pay out with a relative’s credit card. Still it doesnt proceeed. I think they work with a terrific company (i dont know their reosing) and this company maybe randomly block some customers ? It is weird i know… But i cannot guess anything else…

Also such a company i even try to access their top management. Still nobody replies :slight_smile:
It can be a good case for Business Students in universiteas whether Master level or Bachelor degree. That company is weird


It is indeed and it’s a known bug for quite a long time and it is pretty bad that they still didn’t fix it, especially because it’s a bug that they can loose their revue with.

My every 10th client says that they have problems with payments however fiverr support always resolved it for them.


It is true that many of clients cannot proceed payments through credit card until they contact customer support.
In most cases the CS always solved the problems, some cannot wait (sometime CS respond is really slow), they have to go the roundabout way by adding fund to their paypal account. That’s really inconvenient since they rarely use paypal.

As a seller, I hope fiverr soon add more options aside payoneer and paypal. Pingpongx is a great option. Perhaps?

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In my case CS never take a serious action. When time passes at 23rd hour they mark your ticket as “SOLVED” But it is not Solved we now. Why they do that it is incredible. If they manage the company well it might be one of the internet blue chip company but they prefer to behave so badly to their customers by lying. To mark an issue as “SOLVED” is a lie for sure. After 4 days a guy wrote to me from CS i guess he said that it is a normal process that my card is not passing their third party intermediary IT or security company… What the hell is that ? I have VISA Card i have Mastercard. I have many card options. And they blame me by being uncredible in a way :slight_smile: Then he rejected my assumption they try to push PayPal… Okey i would be nearly convinced if he wouldt say at the end "maybe i can use PayPal " :slight_smile: Why i dont use PayPal is : they are not operating in my bank’s source country. So nobady can critize if they go and announce they are working with only PayPal. Then i cannot see this situation weird. It is only unlogical - unproductive way for them. But their choice. But here they are behaving unethical to their customers

Fiverr could be a case study for more than a management course. Finance, economics, marketing, etc.
And on minor topics too: growth/scaling, leadership, support, early adapters, barrier to entry (or lack of), competitive advantage, entrepreneurship, tech support, goodwill, service-as-a-business, people-as-products, and a whole host of other things.


Yes probably correct. But i cannot use it with many credit cards.
The suggestion is open a new account ? Maybe this time it works ? But i have sellers waiting for my payment. Ohh how emberrasing situation is that . For administration mainly if there is one.

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Have you been opening new tickets, or reopening old ones? If you have more than one, they might be closing them due to being duplicates.

I am doing both. Because i have no other way out. They do not find solution. Plus they do not inform or accept that there is a problem. THey just close the ticked by marking “SOLVED” Since it is so unpolite and unfair i either open a new ticked or continue to the previous one by stating"NO ITS NOT SOLVED"

Ah, CS doesn’t like being spammed.

If you want you can send an email to but stay calm, professional, state only the facts, try to keep your emotions out of it. CS is far more likely to be helpful when people work with them instead of yell at them.

First of thanks for you advice. I really appreciate it . Moreover i will also send an email to them.
But i never yell anybody. But are from adressing the problem. I am trying to help them indeed…
Thanks really for your valuable interest for this so important and crucial problem

Capitals are considered yelling.

Now we started to drown with details i think… They wrote SOLVED and i replied NOT SOLVED :slight_smile:

Come on there is a very important / weird / crucial and urgent problem and nobody cares. Plus this is their revenue source. Plus sellers are making money from here and in my case unfortanetly they cannot. Plus i have many credit cards and knew that i can work here and they stopped my works and everything in messs rihgt now… And we shouldnt talk about capital letters etc :slight_smile: