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Fiverr can provide certification to new sellers so that buyers can trust them

If buyers are afraid to give work to new sellers because they are unsure if their work will be delivered, maybe Fiverr can provide some sort of certification courses for the sellers in their category. In addition, on completion of the certification the sellers will have lots of professional samples verified by Fiverr that could be showcased to the buyers.

This will make the new sellers more trustworthy in the eyes of buyers and make selling and buying much more easier.

It’s a good idea in general, but it would not work out, as it would result in busy fiverr employees. Fact is, sites that are offering such certifications always run in trouble.

Think about the following:

If fiverr would do this in a serious way, they would need more staff, as real certification requires real people to check the input of the submitter. This means more cost and a more busy customer support team.

If they just did questions and answers and rate it automatically, which many sites do, the problem would be that new buyers will get a list of all questions and answers and use it as cheat sheet. Or they would hire someone who logs in and fills in all answers so they get a 100% score.

If we talk about graphics for example, like fiverr rating graphics etc. it would be a time issue again, because fiverr doesn’t want to vouch for a new seller because it would involve a lot or work. Just imagine a new seller posts a great graphic that he ripped off a unknown graphics forum. It would mean fiverr would probably not find out that the work has been ripped, vouch for the seller and later it turns out the graphic was ripped and buyers will attack fiverr for not knowing.

So no matter how such a certification program would be established, it would add a lot of work which is impossible to complete as there are so many factors that no staff member could check and verify. This would mean more staff members, more costs and probably higher seller and buyer fees.

Just a few thoughts :slight_smile:

A person could have a certification and still be a bad seller.

The system works very well as it is to “certify” sellers—everyone gets the same chance to prove themselves as either a great seller or a bad one.

Your track record on fiverr is your certication.


When I read the title, I thought you meant some kind of verification badge or something on their profile so buyers would feel better protected. Certification classes wouldn’t fit here and isn’t necessary. It’s just a freelance marketplace. You take a chance on a seller and it either pans out or it doesn’t.

I duno realy what it makes so hard to sell gigs. But i think the buyers here are incorporated here with sellers who been here in some years and know their work. Any certificate or badge may not guarantee more work for new sellers.

Reply to @presseditor:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

One option is for Fiverr to team up with companies that already offer such courses and certifications (I am sure there are plenty of genuine ones available. e.g., Something like LinkedIn has done).

As Fiverr grows larger, it makes business sense to higher more staff regardless of this suggestion.

By training and certification, I mean an actual course and not just the question and answer format (though it could be part of it). It could end with completing a project to get certified in the course. This project could be used as a showcase by the seller on their gigs.

Of course, the sellers will need to pay for this certification which will end up making them look even more genuine because they spent the time, money and effort required to improve their skills.

Reply to @rodrigueskevin: I know about such courses and yes, they can be useful. However, the point that I am trying to make is: Nobody can really tell if the person who did the course is actually the seller. Think about it for a second… let’s say I am a new seller and I want the certification. If I was a scammer or dishonest seller, I would get someone to do the class for me, get the certification and suddenly fiverr would vouch for me while I would still suck in terms of things I can provide.

In this case I would get a certificate without having done anything but paying someone to do it for me, fiverr would vouch for me and buyers would complain how bad my work is and how fiverr could vouch for such a seller.

There are many freelancing sites who do such stuff and there are also many people who offer completing such classes and certificates for you. If I was fiverr I would not vouch for someone I do not know because it’s next to impossible to really know who’s behind a screen.

If it was a real life class and certificate, it would be a different story.

Just trying to make sense why it could be bad :slight_smile: Even if it is a very good suggestion.

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