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Fiverr Cancel my Orden after 30 days for Mistake

It turns out that a buyer places an order. He leaves me 5 stars, an excellent review and up to 50 dollars in tip.
After 24 days I get a message from the buyer insulting me and saying that I work sucks. I am a Fiverr Pro user.
The buyer initiates a dispute to get the money back, after several messages with CS, they cancel the order and tell me later that it was an error.

What should I do?
I’m really thinking about leaving the community. It cannot be that they mistreat professionals in this way.

What do you think?

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In the best good faith, I told him that I could do an extra check on him, but not to insult me or disrespect me !!! amazing that I should ask for this …

I took the time to read the entire cancellation policy. And once the order is completed, they have 14 days to request the cancellation. So they made a serious mistake.