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Fiverr cancel my order after completed and giving me 5 star review


Fiverr cheated on me and trying to solve this problem ,but they didn’t solve it,please help


Please remove the buyer’s name and also the order number (even though it might be easy to just check your account to see the buyer’s name in the review). I think it is against forum’s ToS. Thanks!

Also, I am really sorry that you had to go through this. There are a few cases of scamming buyers’ fraudulent PayPal charge-backs (which might be the thing that happened to you; if you do a search on the forum about it, I am sure you will be able to find MANY such posts about PayPal charge-backs) and unfortunately, Fiverr can’t do much. You could, however, try and talk to the CS and request them to fight against the CB on your behalf.


I recommend you to remove these images as this is against TOS. Secondly this is not done by fiverr and its really not in control because this a chargeback. Chargeback is normally done when a buyer do a fraud like he use someones CC but without his permission so when that person came to know about that transaction , he just ask his bank to chargeback that transaction. This is also done in normal daily routine transactions so this is not new. What fiverr can do is just put an eye on further activities by that buyer and may ban it. Hope it will give you a better idea about it.


Everything that’s been said here is unfortunately true, but sadly none of it will be a comfort to the OP who has lost both time and money.

@anangka - so sorry this has happened to you. :frowning:


But fiverr also block that person ,I cant ask him in this matter ?

and thanks for your respose :slight_smile:


But fiverr also block that person ,I cant ask him in this matter ?

and thanks for your respose


No - the buyer’s account no longer exists, so you can’t contact them I’m afraid.