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Fiverr Cancelation at the last minute


Is there a way to give a negative review if you agree to cancel? What does it mean the order will self-destruct, does that mean I gte my order back? Fiverr, how about a penalty for sellers that try to get you to cancel within the 48 before scheduled completion?


You know the old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Well, if you agree to a cancellation, you can’t leave feedback. Think of a cancellation in terms that the order never happened. You get your money back “in the form of a credit” so that you can find another seller to work with.

Believe it or not, sometimes things happen that a seller must cancel last minute… death in the family (friend), sickness, weather, life in general. Things happen… things you can’t predict. and it’s really not fair to penalize sellers twice. After all, they’re already losing out on the sale ($4) to a cancellation and the ratio (if not agreed to) is hit.

As a buyer, you actually get the better end of the deal - other than you’re out the time waited. The best thing you can do is message sellers to ensure they can do your job before you order from them. But again, you can’t predict life (or weather).

Good luck!