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Fiverr Canceled my order due incomplete delivery

My name is Adeel.
I have faced an issue recently.
I was working on an order. the order contains three revisions but i revised it 8 times.
Buyer is also confessing my work quality in chat during order.
After last delivery i made buyer didn’t responded for three days and the order was automatically completed. But after three days i got a violation from fiverr that i made incomplete delivery due to which they canceled my order and refunded him his amount.
Now what should i do can any one help me, i have already pinged fiverr customer support.
And buyer is also not responding as well.

Please remove the name of the buyer from the order screenshot.

Can you prove somehow that you didn’t deliver an incomplete order? If you can send screenshots to CS showing the review the buyer gave you, the scope of the order, etc. they might decide to refund you and possibly remove the violation.
Keep in mind thouhgh, CS takes a long time to reply to tickets, I think the average response time is about 10 days at the moment.
This to me sounds like the buyer was trying to get work done for free if you revised it 8 times.


I think you created the same topic minutes ago, whats the purpose then of this topic?