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Fiverr canceled the order after job delivery and returned the payment to the buyer

I can’t believe this just happened! I’ve opened a dispute because the customer didn’t bought the sufficient amount of extras to fulfil his order and was not answering to my messages. At the last day, the buyer paid for the aditional 100 words and I delivered the job at the same day. Today I received a notification from Fiverr saying that the order was canceled and the funds from this order were returned to the buyer. I’ve already contacted Fiverr asking them to solve this. Did this happened with someone else?

Seller Mistake: Delivered the order.
The real action required: Cancel the Order.

I asked the order cancelation but then the buyer paid the other aditional words and I received that confirmation from Fiverr, so I delivered the job and after that, Fiverr sent me another notification saying that the order would be marked as complete after 3 days. And now they canceled the order and refunded the buyer because they say the buyer didn’t answer. I don’t understand…

If buyer doesn’t response and delivery time is over then you should cancel the order. You shouldn’t delivery the order until done your final task. Make sense

No. Before the delivery time ends the buyer purchased aditional 100 words. Only after that I delivered the order.

maybe buyer contacted customer support for cancel the order :frowning:

That’s wrong. You should not deliver the order at the same day. You have asked for more time whether it’s 1 minute work on 1 day. This thing happened with me too! But after facing this issue, i clearly mentioned that before a proper conversation i will not accept any orders. Check out my gigs description.

What buyer did here is he/she already contacted CS, and told them to cancel the order. (By giving the proper and genuine reason OR Fake and dumb reason) So Fiverr canceled it. Now you are contacting Fiverr… Fiverr will give you this reply:

Try to communicate before taking the next step on the order. As the order is now canceled and the the revenue is refunded to the buyer. We can’t do anything. or something like that!

So now!! Nothing possible. Move on… that’s the best advice you can get here. :+1:

I don’t know. I already sent a print screen to Fiverr Support asking them to solve this.

Etsy Support? How is Etsy related to this?

Fiverr Support, my mistake.

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I can’t move on. This is stealing. I’ve done everything right.

I know, we all know you are right here… but nothing is in your hands now… You can’t sue Fiverr or your Buyer.

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This is very bad. Next time I will not ask for aditional purchases. I will ask buyer to cancel the order and purchase again.

Maybe if you cancel the order, then it will hurt your profile… Additional purchases is really great way to get the order going without any conflicts. Just try to talk with your buyer on the order. Conversations can solve anything.

Did you cancel the dispute after the buyer paid?

I will wait for the Fiverr Support answer. If they don’t solve it, then I will contact the buyer. Thank you for your help.

No. I thought it was not necessary since I received the Fiverr notification of payment. Maybe that was my mistake.

Give us the updates! I want to know what Fiverr replied.
Hope to see some positive results!

The if that is the case then Fiverr did not cancel the order, you are the one who cancelled.

I received this message from Fiverr: Order cancelled due to unresponsive buyer. The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support. The order funds have been returned to the buyer.