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Fiverr canceling order even though i delivered good quality

I recently received a 30$ order in one of my gigs, i accepted the order and began working, but then i had some problems and wanted to extend the delivery time, even though i could complete it if i work late at night, but i wanted to avoid that, so i kindly requested from the buyer to extend the delivery time, the buyer refused and wanted a cancellation, i told him that he doesn’t need to cancel because i can deliver in time and i just wanted more time to be comfortable, he replied by saying that if he doesn’t like the final product, he will not ask for a revision and will just cancel (Now that was weird and ringed a bell), so i contacted the buyer after some time to get some information that i needed to complete the order, he didn’t want to respond to me and said that he wanted to see the progress, so i sent him what i did so far, and of course with no surprise, he ordered a cancellation, i refused, he kept on ordering cancellations for 2 days while i was kindly requesting revisions, i even completed the whoel work, still he refused claiming that the work is of a 12 year old boy, and of course he was throwing BIG insults left and right like “***hole” and the like.
And finaly, he after 1 day he said that he contacted support and hopefully they will delete my account, 2 hours later support came to the rescue of the peacefull poor client and my hard work and time was null.
2 hours later he messages me in my inbox with one word which says “***hole”.
So in the end, he takes the work, the money, and insults me on top of that, while i lose everything.
I really have nothing to say.
Ps : This guy is claiming to be someone he is not and i’m 100% sure, he has a photo of some classy looking guy from germany but the way he talks and his very bad english says otherwise, i think most of you know what i’m getting at.

I had a buyer that insulted me and I refused to cancel, however, CS canceled the order for him. :confused:

However, I reported him to CS for his abusive language and they said Trust and Safety would investigate his behavior. They do not tell you what happened, but I hope he at least received an account warning. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What is really shocking :flushed: is that when I searched his name and profile picture I discovered he is an evangelistic minister and has video’s on YouTube! I wonder what his followers would think of the way he insulted to me? :thinking:


Yea, that’s weird, we can have bad people claiming to be good people, or he could be just an imposter …

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