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Fiverr cancelled a closed gig by the buyer


Be very careful with users (for example an user called fragglesrock - name removed as not allowed on forum) that request you for your gig and after delivering it they start asking for modifications impossible to be done. They close the gig, rate negative you and then complaint to fiverr to have a refund.

And what’s the answer from fiverr? They accept the complaint and canceled the order, refund the buyer and you lose your time and your money. And if you ask fiverr why they do that they said that that’s the way it is and when an order is canceled by them it is not possible to go back… That’s the way fiverr protect their sellers; no protection.

Thinking of leaving fiverr.


I can see where you’re coming from, but I tend to disagree. Fiverr Support has helped me handle difficult buyers before, and they were certainly on my side since I was in the right. Perhaps the buyer had a valid complaint against you?

PS - It’s against forum rules to call out a specific user by name!


Reply to @vainpaper: I can assure you that the complaint was totally invalid. I did exactly what I explain in the gig (more than 500 gig sold and more than 300 positive reviews by now) The buyer asked me what it was possible to be done or not before buy it and agreed with the service. But after deliver he started to ask for modifications that previously I said it was not possible to implement…

I think that maybe the buyer was family of someone in fiverr…