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Fiverr Cancelled my Completed Order

I complete my client order one month before and my client was happy with the product. I have withdrawn 200$ also from Fiverr. Yesteday my client contact me and asked for Admin Dashboard. I told them that I have design website for you and you were happy with design. Now you are asking for Admin Dashboard then you have to pay me extra amount for Development Admin Dashboard. He say I will contact Fiverr support and today Fiverr cancelled my one month before completed order without asking me anything. Now my client is using my product also and received his money also.

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I don’t see a $200 package in any of your gigs. Was that a custom project?

What I do see is that you offer unlimited revisions. That allows your buyer to keep asking for new stuff even after the order was marked as complete, and Customer Support will side with them.

You can try contacting Customer Support, show them exactly what was requested, and the proof that you have delivered everything as requested, as well as the proof that the buyer is using your product.


It was a custom offer

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