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Fiverr cancelled my order without previous notice

I am a seller. Several days ago a customer placed an order for one of my gigs - a translation gig. However, he did not read the gig properly and thought I offered 3000 words for $5 (instead of 165 words, as it clearly says in my gig - it also says I can deliver up to 3000 words a day). I tried to contact him twice before actually doing and uploading the project, as I expected some confusion could have happened. I asked him about this possible confusion and also offered him several solutions. I got no answer at all. As the paid part of the project (only 165 words) was so small, the deadline was also very short - only a day. Since the customer was not responding to my enquiries and I could not just ignore the order, I worked through the paid part of the project and uploaded the file before the deadline was over. I again offered him a solution to finish the whole project.

Two days after delivering the file (and first time I heard from him), he comes back saying that my gig was unclear (which I sincerely believe is not), that he believed I could translate 3000 words for $5 (that’s like a whole day’s work) and that he wanted to cancel the order. I politely explained the situation for the fourth time - the order had been placed, he had not responded to my three messages, the work had been done and the time had been spent for his project. I politely declined his cancellation request. He asked for a second cancellation, which I again declined. Now I’m receiving an email saying that Fiverr has cancelled my order without previous notice, removing from my account the payment I had worked for - because the work was done. Nobody contacted me, nobody asked me what happened. The payment was simply removed from my account.

I was extremely polite and supportive with this customer at all times, but he was asking for a nearly free job and when he saw he wasn’t going to get it he opened a dispute and now Fiverr apparently supports him, which makes me lose my time, my patience and my payment.

It’s not about the money, it never was - it’s only $5. I agree customers must be looked after, but this is going too far. Most customers on this site are looking for almost-free jobs, I’m sure you are all aware of that. If Fiverr keeps allowing or even supporting this situation, as in this case, sellers will eventually get tired and just leave. I’m feeling extremely disappointed.


That sounds like a chargeback. Did you check if the buyer’s account is still available? If not, it most probably wasn’t Fiverr canceling your order but the buyer doing a PayPal or credit card chargeback, in which case buyers’ accounts get suspended as per the ToS. Wich still is very annoying, of course.

Hi there miiila!

Thanks for that insight but no, the buyer’s account is still active. I just checked it. Sadly, too many sellers have to face this kind of situation way too often. I still don’t understand why nobody checks that the clients ask for reasonable budgets.

Best :slight_smile:

Understaffing, probably. I’d contact support either way in case the cancellation would drop your rate so much your level will be endangered. Perhaps also provide them screenshots that show the facts, if the buyer told them it wasn’t clear from the gig, maybe they just took it as given and didn’t check but might if you prove it was/should be to any sensible person. All the best to you in any case, hope it won’t happen again.

I do. Just had a customer threaten a bad review if I did not do free work. I refused and he left a 1 star rating. I wiped the tears with the money I made on their order

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I already did. My expectations are quite low though.

I’m sorry about that poor rating, but this made me laugh so much :laughing:

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LOL, good. That’s the point. Sometimes all we can do in these situations is just laugh.

I just looked at your gig. It says:

High quality professional translation. (0.04/w) Same-day delivery up to 3000 words. And the price says $5.

I also see farther down it says a lesser amount of words for $5 but you need to change the title of the package to clarify that it does not include 3000 words for $5.

That is why CS refunded the money. It seems to say you will do 3000 words for $5.


I honestly believe it’s not confusing at all. There are three packages, each with a price and an included number of words.

And this just says I’ll need more than one day from that number of words on. The price is not even mentioned. Plus, it’s not meant to be mentioned in the gig title, as far as I know.

Thanks for your thoughts anyway!

I hope you are looking at right place.

I do not have a word number in the name of the gig itself and do have the actual number of words for the indicated price in the title of the 3 gig package tiers (translation 100 words, translation 500 words,…), that might be clearer, perhaps something to try to avoid that happening again, or at least maybe not having support side with the customer so fast.
I didn’t have anyone like your customer up to now, so I can’t say for sure, though. :wink:

Yeah i agree. because some buyers order the gig even without asking seller’s availability and do-ability of the project that they are expected to be done. I suggest this : When a customer put express order (not custom offer), there should be a approval process for the seller’s end. if seller is declined the order, transaction should rollback and buyer should have their refund. if seller not responded within 24hrs or something, the order approval should auto-deny and buyer should have their refund. that way the seller’s rating will also not effected as well as customer support will have no these kind of issues to solve so everyone will happy. what you guys think on my idea? :slightly_smiling_face:

In the $5 package description you are offering “up to 3000 words”.

You are lucky they didn’t pause your gig and tell you to change it.

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That’s a good idea. Sellers are not always available, I personally don’t like having to start an order I have not previously seen or approved.