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Fiverr cancelled my order


I’ve ordered a logo from a person who had 59 positives reviews.
He delivered a first version which was awesome and we’ve sent a lot of messages to each other in order to have the reviewed version.

His last message was 10 hours ago, telling me that he had everything to begin working on the reviewed version.

But today, Fiverr refunded me because “User is no longer on Fiver”.

I can’t see any reasons why the guy delivered my logo and the disappear. Has Fiverr closed his account ?
Moreover, Fiverr hasn’t refund me the service fee which I find scandalous.

Has anyone ever experienced that before ?

You can claim your full payment refund through paypal resolution process.

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That’s right thank you very much.
Also I don’t really care about the fee it’s more I’ve really appreciated working with the person that I bought service from…
I appreciate your help.