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Fiverr cancelled order after 12 days and refunded payment to buyer

Hi I got 480$ order on fiverr 7th nov 2019 client communicate with me on fiverr i delivred work before time deadline.Everthing worked smooth no issue with my service but suddenly i got mail from fiverr and they said my order is cancelled and fund refunded to buyer.after few minutes i got an other email from fiverr in which fiverr told me that you will be compensate for this order.I was relaxed and happy.But today i got an other email from fiverr and they said you are not meet our seller protection policy so your fund refunded to buyer.I lost my time my money.Client took my dedicated server and i paid for this to data center.Anyone suggest me what should i do? How i can back my money?its really bad experience for me i lost my money please help thanku


I am really sorry about this and as a seller myself, I understand how frustrating this can be. You should contact customer support and provide evidence that everything was fine on your end.


I’m sorry this happened to you! It probably isn’t a good idea to sell something that requires you to pay money to another company, since it’s always possible this can happen and you will lose money.

It’s also not uncommon to have hosting companies suddenly go out of business without warning. So your client could suddenly not have that dedicated server any more and for that reason want a refund.

I’ve never heard of a server dedicated to sending out bulk email before.

Those packages you offer don’t have a time frame for how long the service lasts.
I expect that any clients you get would be able to get a refund due to that alone.


yes i did and now im waiting fiverr reply

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yes Ma’am you are right.Fiverr did not told me or warn me about refund and i checked server is still working fine no issue with my service.Client not complaint against service but i dont know why fiverr refuse to pay me…Ma’am dedicated server can be use for bulk email sending thanku

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Since you don’t have control over the dedicated server, you have no way to know what happened. You are a middleman between the server company and your client. It’s not a good situation to be in.

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Ma’am I have control on dedicated server.I don’t want to login in it.But after cancelation I checked server.Its working 100% fine and in fact at that time his one campaign was running.I just want my money back.Fiveer didnt asked me about any thing and refunded all money.I sent them ticket yesterday but still not get any response from them.I just told them client is still using server so why you guys refunded payment to him.well I’m waiting hopefully I will get my money back thanku

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Fiverr Doing scam with sellers!!!

Yes im saying this you know why? Because i got a new order cancelled by fiver support and the this was custom order i had conversation with client since last three weeks and after he bought and i delivered my work Fiverr realized when its going to mark completed that it is third party violation…Seriously!!! For fiverr team i got one order for same gig in August 2019 and got payment for that gig.Well after 4 to 5 month fiverr realized my gig is voilation of tearms.

its not just because of violation its just because of my emails which i request to refund my payment which they take for my cancelled order 480$ and 100$ 2 orders.
now they permanently disable my account.
Team fiverr I just asked a few questions and hopefully my other seller colleagues agree with my questions .

  1. Both seller and buyer trust on fiverr platform.Than why every time fiverr refund payment to buyer?
  2. It is fiverr responsibility to protect both parties.Than why fiverr didnt asked anything to seller before refund payments.
    3.If buyer used hacked paypal account or stolen Credit card.Than it is responsibility of fiverr to protect fraud or seller responsibility.
    4.Fiverr should compensate for delivered work if buys asked for refund buyer should provide valid reason and fiverr should give a chance to seller for argue.
    5.Seller dont know fiverr refunded payment to buyer or still have it and kicked out seller and just simply says sorry fund refunded to buyer we are not disclose why?
    hahahahahahh…You guys are making fool here.You guys are doing scam here.
    where was you when i get 1st order in my gig at that time it was ok for you now today when you guys have my 605$ you guys just blocked my account because i want my payment and today its your term voilation.Come on fiverr i have all emails proof that you guys first told me i will get compensate for my order after that again cancelled .AAAAhhhh custom order got cancelled by support team i just simply you guys doing scam thats it i want my money back or give me proof that why buyer refunded his payment thats it
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Never use a service for Fiverr that has a set number of uses or requires purchases per order.

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It might be a third party violation because the server company doesn’t want a middleman to sell their service for just the reason that your orders were cancelled.

The server company needs to deal with the end client themselves to avoid these kinds of problems that you have had.

You are talking like you think we are fiverr staff (“you guys”) and we are just sellers like you. I am here to simply give a suggestion as someone who has no idea what is going on. Just a guess on my part.

Fiverr staff won’t be reading your comments or this thread. If you want to send a message to fiverr you can send it directly to customer support.

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Thanku Ma’am …i mentioned fiverr staff because i know they read our post and replies etc.
Ma’am hundreds of people selling email data on fiverr and i do too.
fiverr disabled my account and cancelled my custom order which was a email data.
And you know i sell this gig 2 months before at that time fiverr support team didnt check there terms and didnt blocked my account.
at this time they do because i asked some questions and want refund my payment thats it.

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