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Fiverr cancelled order after completion of 3 months

Fiverr cancelled an order that was completed 3 months ago by me. Clients want me to do On-Page SEO to improve the ranking. I did the work within time and give Improved the ranking and told him to continue the also off-page SEO to maintain the ranking. but he doesn’t want to do that. then I delivered the order and he did not raise any question at that time. after some days his ranking drop due to low-quality website. then he reached me again I told him to do off-page SEO to improve the quality of his website. but he doesn’t want to do that.
Now after three months later Fiverr cancelled order.
What I can do know?

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Don’t do anything for this Buyer, he complained to Fiverr and they cancelled the order. Why do you feel the need to still interact with this Buyer, if that’s the case? He got his money :money_with_wings: back and you were shafted.

Since the money is in the Buyer’s hands, there’s nothing you can do. :woman_shrugging:t4:


i understand but order was completed 3 months ago

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It definitely sounds like a chargeback. Did you submit a query to CS? I think that’s the place to start a dialogue to get answers. What happened to you is unfortunate. You should BLOCK that Buyer like ASAP.

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is that possible for completed order cancelled after 3 month later

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Does it say “order cancelled by buyer” ou “order cancelled by CS”?

Is his profile still active?

The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.
yes his profile is still active.

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So I don’t think it was a chargeback, because the guy would be banned…

You can try and ask CS why they cancelled an order that was 3 months old.

Also, read this recent thread, which had a happy ending:


thanks. I already asked them waiting for the reply

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That sucks and I’m not taking the buyer’s side, but, from one of your gigs:

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If after some days their ranking did drop I can see how Customer Support would side with them.

I’d remove all the parts I highlighted in your copy. You can promise to improve SEO, you cannot, however, be certain that will improve their rankings, and when it doesn’t, regardless of who’s faults, ultimately your gig did not fulfill what you were claiming, which was to rank them higher.

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I know what are saying but also told him to maintain ranking they also have to do offsite SEO to improve Page and Domain Authority for long time higher ranking

How is that possible if you delivered Quality work and after three month the CS cancel the order? I know very well fiver team see all order and order conservation if you delivered all then i do not think this was effect on your order completion rate.

I don’t know why. I have 5.0 Rating. only 3 cancelled offers in more than 3 years

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So do not worry just block this buyer asap!

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2 orders of 3 are mutually cancelled due order placed without discussions.

ok, thanks. I will do that.