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Fiverr cancelled order after done 90% client work?

I am level2 seller on fiverr, one of ******* client give me order of 270$ USD on website creation. I have did all the requirements according to document and before order delivery she said 70% work done and she was satisfied and after 90% work done she change the credentials of website and said i want to cancel this order because i am not satisifed.

I said please send me revsion and also send me 10% worm 2 pages requirements which are remaining, she said no i just don’t want to work with you, i just cancel order.

She send me disputes many times and ask that i am harrasing her that i am not accpeting dispute etc.

I contact with fiverr support and they said you will get human response after 10 days and today about 6-7 days left no response form fiver support and fiverr support cancel this order.

Her behaviour was not good, she send fake messages regarding to fiverr that fiverr said cancel this order ,accept dispute etc. She also blackmaiing me that i have send him email, accept dispute otherwise i will put negative feedback. i report to fiverr ,i m harrasing her, why i am not accpeting dispute, why you put delivered and much more. She just waste my time and all my effort.

So after all this , fiverr support no reply of my ticket and today theu just cancelled order and funds send to buyer.

I have all send screenshots of her messages and details in ticket but no reply fiverr support and they just cancelled order,even dont know why???

I am so sad, after all doing hard work and they just canclled order without replying ticket and also my rating down now 88% order completion from 100%…

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This is sympathy, rather than help, sorry. Yes, CS sometimes do that - as a level 2 we’re supposed to be prioritised but often aren’t. Buyers always are prioritised.

Your buyer probably contacted CS to ask them to cancell the order. You can point out to CS when they eventually respond that your ticket was raised first and that it should have been prioritised … and see what they say.


Wait… She was on the forums yesterday about you lmao! said that you did not do anything for her! but now im hearing your part of the story i dont know lmao

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I do not think its a thing to laugh about

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@staceyworld if you heard both parts of the story you would laugh to, as she said that @ashu776 didnt do any of the work and she tried cancelling and he declined, i believe ashu tho

I think i contact first on fiverr support and report this all but they reply after 2 days. And according to fiverr policy order cannot be canclled based on quality of services, client can just send revision.

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Yeah…I believe Ashu.
I wish him all the best

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Please help me how can i send message to support again?? Should i generate a new ticket?? They no response for my ticket , i have explained each and every thing in thi ticket with screenshots.

@ashu776 - very true about TOS. You should point that out when they eventually get back to you.

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I don’t think there is much you can do. Just forget and move on…
Leave her to karma. I’m sorry to say this.

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I understand the frustration. My opinion is to let it go. No point of arguing with customer support. They always take the buyer side. But if your buyer disrespect or harassing you can open support tickets.

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Hi @coerdelion, they reply my ticket last time about 25-agust Tuesday. Reply was

"Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Support! This auto-reply is just to let you know that we received your inquiry and will get back to you with a (human) response as soon as possible. Due to the high demand, the current response times may extend up to 10 business days.

In the meantime, we suggest you to use the Help Center for information and FAQ’s, the Resolution Center for order related issues, and our Self-help tools prior to contacting our support at: (seller’s gig status help).


The Fiverr Support Team"

If you have officially delivered the work before it was 100% completed, that’s incomplete delivery and a Terms of Service violation. Orders do get cancelled for that.

After 90% work done and she change credetials of her website and FTP then how can i complete order even she have not provided requirements. After 90% work done she change credentials and said i want to cancel this order. Then how can i deliver 100% work when requirements was 90%and she change credentials???

Yes you right, but i dont want that she will do this with another fiverr person .


Yes you right, they take buyers side always,can i block her??? or this is against fiverr policy? I already have open ticket hope you they reply soon.

Weirdly enough, their go-to-response to that seems to be “we can’t force the buyer to accept the work, you either convince them to, or the order will be cancelled.”
I think they should remove that part about cancellations based on quality if they aren’t able to stick to their own rules.


That’s so sad, I think you should let it go. Cause on this issue you will not get any solution as I know. So please don’t waste your time, get back to your work. Try to complete other orders as the best way you can. Best of luck brother!


:frowning: you right, another issue is client create orders of 5,10,20 without discussing the requirements and when we contact they not response, if they response some says sorry i place order by mistake, even if order worth is 100$ they place 10,20 then they said i want cancel.

I’m sorry, I might have misunderstood you. Have you delivered via the Deliver Now button?