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Fiverr Cancelled Order, impacted my % complete

To my knowledge, my % orders completed doesn’t appear anywhere publicly, so this may not even matter. Fiverr cancelled an order I received. The buyer is no longer on Fiverr (booted?). No biggie, but my % orders completed is now 99% instead of 100%. Does this statistic matter or affect my search rank, seller level etc? Obviously 1% won’t affect much of anything, but if I happened to have a customer cancel an order tomorrow, that 1% could jump to 5%.

Is this going to impact me in any way?

I have never had anything other than 99% complete. As far as I know it affects nothing.

I concur with misscrystal.

My Rating- 100%, Response Rate- 100%, Orders Completed- 100%, Delivered on Time- 100%, Response Time- 1 Hrs. but still not getting orders so it hardly matters.

Hello, you don’t have to worry… Just do a very good job for your buyers

I don’t think it has any effect