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Fiverr cancelled the order and i don't know what to do now!

so this is first time that happened with me i hope someone can suggest how to get over it or avoid in future. I don’t know what went wrong but i was working on a gig order for a wix website as usual, client was responding late to my suggestions and that delayed the work little. As i already advised the buyer that this work will need extra and i thought i can manage that on later basis too.(i’m generous and i don’t ask buyers to order extras right away as they need but work on it and ask for extras when it’s completed.)

Back top topic so this order was running 1 day late and i asked buyer for the information needed to continue the order, i got the details next day and it added one more day to the total timeline. Fiverr probably warned the buyer that order is late as they always do but i considered to move forward and finish the work as we both had mutual understanding based on previous discussion. I asked to review the work as it didn’t need to be delivered and i didn’t hear from the buyer for about 2 days. Now Fiverr has cancelled the order without any notice or anything also i haven’t hear back from client after delivering the work.

I wasted my 6 days after this work and it won’t even pay me off. I feel cheated as a seller.

Can you please share what i should do to resolve this issue and/or what should i do that such thing won’t happen with me in future…

First bad impression from fiverr and it doesn’t feel good.

You can reach out to customer support to see why the order was cancelled.


Yes I’ve done that already but what if the buyer complaints for any reason and uses my original work without paying for it? Isn’t that a loophole?

Does it say that Fiverr CS cancel the order or that it was the Seller? It tells you right on the Gig order page.

If the order ran very late, the Buyer does have the ability to cancel the order themselves. I’d ask the Buyer to an extension if you need more time on future orders or extend your Gig duration time a few days to be safe. Note: If they Buyer cancels that an automatic negative review for you by Fiverr’s system.

Fiverr could have cancelled the order if the Seller reached out to them and asked (maybe, but they would have directed the Buyer to speak with you first if they seen you were requesting more information from you and the order was in the process of being completed) but seems unlikely since it’s not their policy.

OR the Buyer would have filed a dispute from their Bank/CC for a refund which automatically cancels the order and bans the Buyer from Fiverr. It all depends on what is says in the order/email.

If this is your 1st time on Fiverr, it’s important to take a moment to read the TOS and so that you can understand how the system works, features, policies, etc. to prevent any frustrations like these in the future.

Good luck and happy selling!

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So what did they say?

It depends on the complaint. Fiverr usually doesn’t cancel delivered orders out of the blue without a legitimate reason.

Yes it’s on the gig order page saying “Fiverr customer support cancelled your order”

The order was very late but i’ve informed the buyer regarding this already! i don’t know what caused that but i’m very disappointed plus the negative review. I have been very careful to fulfill all of requirements of my buyers. (even i give them free extras if it’s required.)

Well hope i will be more careful in such cases to request proper timeline and comments as per TOS.

I haven’t heard back from Fiverr support regarding that and the order wasn’t delivered as it didn’t require any files or anything. It was the work which needed to be done online.

The Payment of order get charged back or disputed (in PayPal disputed and in card chargeback) it happened with me three times
, yes order automatically cancelled by system not support
you cant do anything with such orders. i have talked to support too regarding this matter the answer was simple they buyer disputed payment

Thanks for you comment.

Yes i guess something like this may have happened because the buyer was really happy and the work was almost done!

Anyways this did teach me few things and hopefully i will not encounter any similar issue in future.

Fiverr needs to fix this kind of issue as this isn’t fair to someone who works 12 hours a day to make good repo and satisfy clients.

I would wonder when you say you and the client agreed to the order taking more time IF you used the Green button to resolve issues you are having with an order? If you were just sending the client messages about the order asking for more time - and if the order was running “Ridiculously Late”, what would happen is that the system will automatically cancel the order after a certain period. If you need extra time to deliver, you need to use the Green button to resolve any issues you are having and choose the option to extend the delivery time. This would be the only way that the system would not automatically cancel an order due to non-delivery.

If the above scenario is not what occurred, it could be that the client was using a fraudulent card, PayPal or other method to pay and Fiverr found out and cancelled the order. Is this client still reachable for you? Unfortunately, the client will likely be able to use the work you provided. Take is as a lesson learned - here, you need to get everything in writing through the proper channels in order to avoid these things.


There is no method for detection of fraudulent order, for seller they only solution is cancellation and fiverr must protect sellers as if someone do payment from paypal then dispute that payment, then we cant do anything

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Yes we discussed that on message and i didn’t send request to extend the timeline as i thought we have mutual understanding. Client is not replying to my messages and turns out that client reached fiverr support to cancel the order.

I’ve discussed this issue with Fiverr support and turns out there’s not much i can do about this. This is a important lesson to me of course. I also asked support what my original work gets used and they mentioned that if i see client using my work there will be strict action and this issue won’t get unnoticed.

Thanks for your guidance appreciate it.

There’s a lot of less than ideal behavior patterns going on here. If you are one of those who operate on the cliche of ‘underpromise / overdeliver’ ‘client is king’ and other such emotion-based doctrines, it is going to lead to disappointment.

Clearly the buyer wasn’t as emotionally invested in it as you were. They were only looking to stick to what was objectively promised to them in terms of delivery deadline.

…but you didn’t negotiate this clause before the order was placed, so it’s unfair to expect the buyer to abide by something which was not formally not agreed upon and only informally mentioned.

…and this is what happens when you begin working without getting a formal confirmation.

…that is why you shouldn’t be surprised when they don’t order extras.

…so the order had already surpassed the delivery deadline when you realized that the buyer had not submitted the requisite information and it took you 24 hours after the deadline to realize that you must seek it from them?

…again, no formal contractual obligation here.

So you promised them the moon, but forgot to seek remuneration which is commensurate with the amount of work you would have to do, forgot to mention the accurate timeline of delivery, missed the deadline, still delivered the moon after the deadline, assumed that the buyer will not claim late deliver, buyer claimed late delivery, took the work and left.

It’s a ‘nice guys getting friendzoned’ type of a problem. You took care of the other person’s interests, but were shy of negotiating and demanding that your own interests be taken care of.

Here’s how to avoid it :

  • Get a good idea of how many hours it is going to take to do the task (x).
  • If x < 24 hours, quote x+1 days as delivery time. If x >24 hours, mention x + 2 days.
  • This will give you enough leeway to finish it in time, even if there are unexpected delays.
  • Make sure you mention the timeline as part of the custom offer.
  • Mention the remuneration you seek as part of the custom offer. Don’t leave this to chance.
  • Manage buyer expectations by benchmarking against what was promised.
  • You are protected by the Fiverr system if you are able to prove that you delivered as per agreement; This is why mentioning the delivery time / cost/ expected final result, in the custom offer is doubly important.
  • Negotiate an agreement which works for both of you and stick to what was agreed.
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Okay, I appreciate all of your replies that was really helpful knowing lot of aspects, As i reached out to Fiverr support i got some interesting answers which revealed one or more things. I’m pasting some of the conversation details hoping that’ll help someone else like me.

Why was the order got cancelled ?
The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support after a complaint from the buyer’s side. The order was in Late status, and it did not meet the buyer’s requirements or the time frame agreed upon within the gig. In cases like these, Fiverr reserves the right to cancel an order.


Please note that in accordance with our Terms of Service, all transfer and assignment of intellectual property to a buyer is subject to full payment for the Gig, and any delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.
We do apologize for not contacting you beforehand, however, we are not obligated to let you know which actions we took, or what is going on with your buyers.

What if buyer uses my work to display on their website?

If you notice that your buyer used the work, despite this order being cancelled, please let us know immediately, so we may take necessary actions towards them.
Due to our Privacy Policy, we won’t be able to disclose which ones, however, that issue won’t go unnoticed, we guarantee you that.


That was something bummer to me as client decided to cancel order after 90% of completion and as being an expert i don’t see any legitimate reason apart from the late delivery.

The buyer is not replying to message containing to know her feedback and what made her to cancel the order, I feel that probably she didn’t want to pay for services, Also she mentioned before getting started that she had someone to do it before but it wasn’t satisfying so i wonder if the same happened with someone else.

I see that my work is on her website and i will take proper action against it as i don’t want to be liberal about it. totally unfair to sellers like me.

This was something new to me and i will be surely more careful and professional to avoid cases like that.

Again Thank you all for your suggestions and help.

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You are still covered under Fiverr protection if the buyer is using your work after claiming chargeback. Just be stoic, take a screenshot, send it to Fiverr, let them handle it. Don’t take personal action from your end. Don’t throw good money after bad.

I’ve not faced Fiverr chargebacks yet, I’ve faced Paypal/CC chargebacks after delivering the work; I’ve simply submitted my case to Paypal and moved on. The dispute gets resolved after a month, and you get what is rightfully yours. I’m sure Fiverr can resolve this in your favor and justice will be done. It’s not worth it to spend more time on it trying to inflict vigilante justice. It is in your interest for the buyer to continue using your work on their site, for your case to be strong. If you ‘take proper action’ (read : remove the work from the buyer’s website), you will lose the Fiverr dispute, and you have already lost time.

This is not about your technical skills. It’s a bureaucratic protocol, just let it run its course.

Let the buyer continue using your work, just tell Fiverr that the buyer is doing so, and move on.

Yes thanks for the suggestion and that’s the plan! I will let fiverr handle everything as per their TOS as i have other work to delivery but i will make sure that the same doesn’t happen with any other seller for the same buyer.

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Thank you for creating this thread. Earlier, I wasn’t aware that Fiverr has official policy concerning buyers who continue using work after claiming refund. Now I know. +1 to Fiverr staff for standing up for seller’s rights.


CAn you explain to me the second point (“the Buyer would have filed a dispute from their Bank/CC for a refund which automatically cancels the order and bans the Buyer from Fiverr. It all depends on what is says in the order/email.”).

This has just happened to me and four of my orders have been canceled, since more than 20 days ago I delivered 4 projects to a client. My account has been left with a negative balance and my “order completion” has dropped 8 points.

I appreciate any help.