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Fiverr cancelling orders without contacting the seller?!

Fiverr has cancelled an order of mine that was completed a couple weeks ago.

The buyer was a NIGHTMARE but I maintained complete professionalism throughout the process. At the end of the day, he was upset because his video was filmed against a white background. Anyone who has every watched my demo or taken even a cursory look at my samples can see that every video on that gig is filmed against a white background!

As per my stated revision policy (on a gig that was approved by Fiverr), I declined to redo the buyers video. What he wanted was a much more expensive green screen gig with a custom background and several other upgrades that were never purchased. I exchanged over 50 messages with this buyer–prior to, during, and after the order completion.

In fact, originally after the order was completed, he said, “You did a very good job! I guess I have more to learn about video production.” Then he came back over a week later and started harassing me. His messages escalated every day.

And now, with no warning, (after already allowing this customer to leave a negative review) Fiverr has refunded the order and taken money that I EARNED?

How is this even remotely legal? And what is my recourse?


Hurray for customer service! They have agreed to add the funds back to my account.