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Fiverr cancels completed orders

When Fiverr is going to change this? Or what I am afraid of, they will never change all the issues about canceling the orders.

So the same buyer make 2 orders, each for $5, I am spending one hour of my time to deliver them, orders are marked as completed, he gets the files.

A day after this, I receive a message that CS cancels the both of them, buyers gets refund, I am working for absolutely free, he gets work for absolutely free and probably my rating is dropping down…

What about if it was bigger order and I work for days? Someone just decides to message CS and easily cancel the order?

This is just unacceptable… I can’t be working under those ‘rules’, this is slavery.

Customer Service does not cancel orders without a good reason. They see if what you did matches what is in your gig description. They also look for if you have a money back guarantee or not.

It is not automatic.

The only time it is automatic is if it is a Paypal chargeback.

I did not say I thought it is automatic, the opposite.

By my experience and what I have read on the forum, every time a buyer decides to cancel even a completed order, CS will cancel it.

But nothing new actually, it has been mentioned many times already here.

This happened to me, feels really bad, in my case it was a chargeback so I coudn’t do anything. Hope they find a solution for this.

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That has never been my experience at all. There has to be a good reason. I haven’t had that happen one time in six years.

Here is why it happens to you:

• 100% money back guarantee

They will always give a refund if you have this in your gig. Do you know what it means?


Of course! You guarantee a refund.

Someone could order $1000 worth of work it could be perfect then demand a refund and get it no questions asked. Because that is what you offer.

Why do you have this in your gig if you don’t want to give refunds?


hi, how are you are doing well?
I also have a question related to this.
I had completed on order last month, the order was completed but today I received a notification saying, Buyer cancel the order. I don’t know why he has done so. and it was showing
The order was canceled by Fiverr Customer Support.
The order funds have been returned to the buyer.

Now the problem is that I have already withdrawn the order amount and till now, no money is debited from my earning. do you have any idea of what will happen next? does the order amount will be debited from my recent earning or what?
please reply