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Fiverr cannot verify my ID

So Fiverr is asking me to verify my ID within 14 days, which I would understand the need for. However, I only have ONE way to verify my ID, which is my Oregon Identification Card (just a standard ID that is taken at the DMV; Age, Height, Sex, Weight, address, etc.). The picture was taken with an old flip phone, which is the only camera I have.

I sent it in twice, both times I was told it could not be verified. I do not have a license that I can show due to medical restrictions preventing my from getting a license, and I do not have any passport.

I read that the account locks after three times, so I want to ask for advice here before I try a third and final time. Is that ID not allowed and I’m out of luck? Or does it need a better camera that is crystal clear on clarity?

This is really the only outlet I have to make income at the moment because of the whole pandemic, and I want to make sure I can keep things going.

Do you have access to a scanner?

A neighbor you trust with a better camera? You could arrange to leave your ID on their doorstep, back off, let them come out and take the picture where it lay (no need to touch), let them retreat and retrieve your ID, and get the pic via text or email. (Obviously, you need to really trust them, for something like this.)