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Fiverr can't verify my EIN

When I fill out my w9 with my S-corp’s tax ID/EIN it tells me it can not verify it and won’t let me complete the form. Why doesn’t this basic function work?

I have the same problem. I am filling the w9 as a business and when I set the EIN they say the data can not be validated? Did anyone resolved this issue?

As of Sunday no. I have a new Gig ready to go and I cannot submit it. My other gigs are active.

Yep, just getting started, trying to get set up with Fiverr. Not going to be able to join, because the EIN and Business name that I use on IRS tax return every year is “not verifiable”…so since I WILL NOT hand out my Social Security Number online for any reason, I guess Fiverr has weeded out yet another possible seller. Also having no way to ask questions like “how come your EIN entry space doesn’t have enough room for a - after the first two EIN numbers…that’s why the IRS won’t recognize it.” EXACT NAME, EXACT Business name, EXACT EIN…used them for years…but Fiverr won’t be letting me in to the stadium to even get started. UPWORK here I come, come with me folks.

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Same issue here. I’m trying to register as sole-proprietor with a DBA, but no matter how i fill out this form with my EIN it just doesn’t accept it.

The same problem, I keep being told that I am doing something wrong by support. I am supposedly filling it out incorrectly. I’ve filled out W9’s plenty of times and had no issue.