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Fiverr card in Pakistan?


can i use fiverr card in Pakistan ? is it better than payoneer? because i have started using an old payoneer account and it just deducted 30$ off of my account as an annual fee, i think it will charge me 30 $ for each year , i made the account in 2015 so it will be like 90$ or 120$ lol :frowning: … someone with good info please do help me out , can i delete my payoneer account and make a new one ?

Thank you



Fiverr card is exactly the same thing as payoneer card.

Regrading the annual charges, those apply only for the Master Card.

If you don’t activate the master card and continue on receiving and withdrawing funds to your local bank, then they would never charge you.
Furthermore, don’t worry, annual charges for the individual year you are using that service. They won’t charge you any additional money.


Thank you so much , I thought I will have to pay them 120 $ from 2015 to the present year . Yes my card is activated tho … thanks once again… phew that’s a load off :slight_smile: