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Fiverr Card - Is it Advisable?


Hi guys,

so I just applied for the Fiverr card and I just checked the pricing for their service.

I’m planning to put half of my earnings on the Fiverr card as part of my savings. Therefore, the card (as planned - hopefully with my spending habit) will be just used for emergencies. My Mom is diabetic so just in case we need in the future, I could easily pay bills.

Anyway, so my question is. Is it advisable not to touch the money on the Fiverr card? I’ve read the pricing and it says they’ll charge if it is INACTIVE for 30 days (was it? or 60? I forgot)… what do they mean by that? Even though it has about $50 on it and no activities (deposits, withdrawals, etc.) … Sometimes, I’m on/off here on Fiverr due to my hectic schedule and sometimes (and I dunno why) at one week I get loads of orders, then the next week there’s none… then another week they’re back again. LOL.

So watcha think guys? Should I just withdraw or use it at least once a month in buying stuff? Or it’s okay if I just keep on putting my earnings on it?


Payoneer customer support are very much welcome to reply!


Lots of threads here in the forum about the Payoneer and @nissim_payoneer from Payoneer is a regular in the forum, drop him a quick message with your questions :slight_smile:


The card fees are very high if you don’t use the money in it.


really? so it’s true that if you’re inactive they’ll eat your funds? T,T then it’s just good if we want the funds immediately.


The cost to receive a payment from Fiverr to the Fiverr Revenue Card is $1. As long as you use your card at least once per month, there are no maintenance fees for the Fiverr Revenue Card. In addition, if you have a $0.00 balance for the entire month, there will also be no charge. The only time you will be charged a monthly maintenance fee is if you have a balance on your card and do not use it at all during month.

When using the card to make point-of-sale purchases (online/in stores) there is no charge. There is, however, a charge involved when using the card to withdraw cash.

I’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions.



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