Fiverr Card Withdrawal wierdness


Hello people,

I kind of new here, so I wasn’t sure if this is the right place to post this.

I just got my Fiverr Card, then I activated it in the Payoneer site. Then in my Fiverr account, I just clicked the “Fiverr Revenue Card” button to see what happens. It didn’t ask me anything, no Yes or NO. It just intiated the withdrawal. Now I have any email to load the amount to my payoneer account. I haven’t clicked load yet. What happens if I just leave it be?

I don’t intend to withdraw yet, and I don’t want payoneer to be deducting $3 after a month. Is there any way to send this amount back to fiverr? Is it okay if I leave the amount hovering in midair in my email and don’t respond to it? What happens then?

Sorry for sounding like a noob.