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Fiverr Cash Advance

I have earned $6000 from Fiverr. When will be selected for Fiverr cash advance program? Please guide


its cant be said when you will get this chance…only fiverr knows whom they want to give that chance and how they give it,the things only you can do is waiting


Thank you, following

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Any idea…You have earned this program?

i am also waiting for this chance . .\ thank you for your nice information

Today I received this option Cash Advance, and i got $1500 on to my wallet. its so amazing.

Sound interesting. How that works!

its totally depend on Fiverr.

I think this option is available for those who has good average selling price and constantly earning good amount each month. The amount of Cash Advance depends on your total earning also make sure if you get an advance e.g. 1000$ then you will have to return 1000 + 15% = 1150$ this amount will keep deducting from your personal balance. For example in June if you earned 1000$ and they might be deduct 300$ from total earning and will keep deducting the certain amount each month.