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Fiverr Censors My Postings, NO Freedom to Discuss Issues That Are Important to Buyers


Fiverr continues to censor and delete my postings and buyers will be the losers. Fiverr is out for profit like any other company but buyers should still be aware of problems here on fiverr. Maybe fiverr will delete this posting as well.


If you are posting about other sellers than yes. That is not allowed. If it were, then the forums would just become a place to complain and rant.

As for the overall rules? Yes. Fiverr can allow or not allow you to do whatever they want. Fiverr isn’t a public company, or the Government. The fact is that if you don’t like how Fiverr runs something, you arn’t forced to stay here. They can sensor anything because it’s a Private company.

Think of it like this. If someone came into your house, they would have to obey your rules. Because it’s your house. Right or wrong, it’s your way.


It has nothing to do with other sellers and you don’t have any idea what’s going on. Anyhow, it’s not my problem. It’s the buyers who will suffer.


It may not have to do with sellers, but that was the small part of my post. It’s also why I used the phrasing… " If you are posting about other sellers".

The second part, about Fiverr making their own rules was the important part.

And, just out of curiosity… If nobody has ‘A clue what’s going on’ then why even post this topic?


Reply to @edume: Posts are very rarely removed from the forum except in extreme circumstances. I had a check and can’t see anything that was removed. Could I ask when you posted ?



Apparently fiverr changed it to My Fiverr Gigs as I was softly promoting my gigs.

But I will repost with promoting the gigs. FYI this is the link:

Topic closed here.


I see, yes from time to time posts are moved to the correct category, thanks for updating me , I’ll close this topic now.