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Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman

I have had two gigs refused saying that the quality of the audio was not good and to get a human voice over from Fiverr! I felt insulted as the video content was comical, therefore I did not want a human voice.
I reported this to Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman
through LinkedIn, low behold this morning a message from support, saying video has been approved. I hope this will not happen again, but hope this helps someone else.


Hello, was this the gig for the holiday video? That was cute.


Yes, that’s the one. Thank you for your comments, but since then they have removed it yet again. I cannot understand what was wrong with the audio. Support said it was of an inferior quality. They suggested in getting a human voice-over from Fiverr! I think its their way of getting more sales

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Hi, the audio was garbled to be honest with you. I couldn’t understand part of it so maybe that’s the reason. It should be easy enough to adjust it or find a voiceover artist to record the voiceover clearly. That would be my suggestion.

You’re lucky they told you what the problem was as they don’t always do that.

Honestly, I really think that the Fiverr CEO has better things to do than address specific user queries on social media. I currently get spammed by at least 3 people a day on Linkedin:


If Micha Kaufman starts receiving tons of messages which should be going to Fiverr CS, I don’t think it will go down well.

It’s interesting that at first it worked and they re-posted his gig. Mr. Kaufman probably has a large staff handling things like this.

I should have checked it after uploading to Fiverr as my local copy is PERFECT and before anyone laughs, its true!

I am not really concerned about what anyone thinks of my action. Anyone can choose to do as they wish and believe me, I will do the same.

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