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What was the challenge you long time big Fiverr guys have when you first started and how do you cope on the long run

  1. How to stay ahead as more competitors enter an already crowded marketplace

  2. How to survive making 50-75% less than what you used to make

  3. Which gigs should you pause when you’re demoted

How do I cope? With jars of Nutella, well, I used to, I’m on a diet now. I also use the forum, great place to meet others having the same issues, and different issues.


My challenge was finding time to do all the work involved while only getting $4 per order. I knew I was always doing TRS level work so it was simply finding the patience to continue, knowing how underpaid and overworked I was. I knew it would be recognized eventually.


Why is this post flag. Isn’t this a conversational community to learn about things bordering you in or outside Fiverr.