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Fiverr changed header menu option


Fiver continuing update the site. Today updated header menu. outstanding all updated features :slight_smile:


my interface is still old like me…


The whole thing has changed. The only thing left is for the company name to change.


As noted, the change will gradually be available for all users.

:bulb: Joe


i kinda miss the old one it was more handy


Love it! Got it right now, gotta start getting used to it :slight_smile:


One thing I can say is about the user experience of the new interface. That I did not even notice it until I came to see the notification here on the forum means they understand their game big time.


What do mean when you say that you did not notice it. The thing is 100% different from the way it was. Nothing is as was except for the community and cart. So not noticing it is 132% impossible.