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Fiverr changed the Way of my Life

Office hours from 9 to 6 job and doing the things that are forced on you, was the Life I was living before coming on to Fiverr. Browsing Internet and searching for the job that utilize my skills to their optimum level was my daily routine. I was fed up wit boredom and monotonous office hours. One day while searching job I came across Fiverr that changed my life in a creative way. I made my Fiverr profile in night and got my first work next morning. I was so excited to do my first order on fiver and that too. I got six consecutive orders from my same client. It was so fun in doing my first order after that I never turned back and soon reached on Level one and then Level 2. Far past ten days I am getting daily messages on Fiver for works. I feel the same way as I felt for the first order because every order brings something new to learn and something new to explore. Inspired from Fiverr I made my own website to promote my gigs on Fiverr. You can go through for more details about my offering on fiver.

It so challenging everyday to bring something new to my buyers . . . To shape up their needs into my solutions for them.

I am Loving it. Now I am my own boss. I lead my own ways.

Cheers Fiverr///


Set your own work hours, dress how you want when you go to work, lunch times whenever you want, visitors whenever, no restrictions on your phone calls, no overpaid oppressive boss breathing down your neck, no more driving to beat the rush hour traffic or riding the train, you can drink while on the job….well what is there not to like. I believe once you have a steady income on Fiverr which can adequately sustain your lifestyle then Hell Yes if the job is stressful then Get the HEll OUT FROM DODGE!! :)>-


Good luck!

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Thanks friend. . . :slight_smile:

hehe :slight_smile: True @craigscott

Wish you very good luck :slight_smile:

Yep, and with me, its not so much the money, but freedom is everything:)!!! Freedom to spend more time with your family, and not have someone telling you need to come in on their time, just so you can make them(ceo’s) wealthy! While you slave all day for them. You are right, it is the life! And there is something to be said when you know you are really helping others :slight_smile:

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Reply to @craigscott: True