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Fiverr Changes For Me

Things have been slow of late. Don’t get orders as I normally do. I guess its because of a certain buyer’s mistake. I just hope I can get past this tough times.

Hold on. You’ve got a good start. For me it took about 100 deliveries for each gig to get them off the ground. I have heard their are buyers that are difficult. But I think they would rather have a refund than leave a negative review. I would also rather refund than get a negative review. How can we communicate that with out aggressively recommending cancellations? For me in, 1300 jobs, I’ve had 11 cancellations after the job was complete. I offer a 100% satisfaction or you shouldn’t pay. But I don’t advertise that. I have to communicate it through how I word my description and my responses.

Make sure your delivery is on time or early and includes a statement that encourages communication about the delivery. This may help prevent a negative review or a non mutual cancellation.

I state on every delivery "Thanks for your order. Let me know if any adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!


Landon Grace

I hope that I communicate in a way that really encourages them to communicate and together the customer and I can make it exactly what the customer needs.

When clients haven’t given you everything they have asked for, they accidentally cancel orders after they are 24 hours late. When I haven’t received info from a first time client, I will not let the delivery clock be 24 hours late. I send a mutual cancellation before that point. I have probably already asked for info several times. I put a statement in the mutual cancellation that states “I have not received the items from you that are necessary to complete your order. Please send the items I need or we can mutually cancel this order. I look forward to working with you in the future.” It sounds like that have an option but it will automatically mutual cancel if they don’t respond. I use to be patient with these orders, but it took me about 3 days to get one removed. The customer was happy with me, she just didn’t understand the system and cancelled the order.

That may eliminate those auto negative post. It also will give an easy communication track for CS to review if a problem arises.

Good luck.